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The 5 things that you (probably) don't know about the Turin derby

From Velodromo Umberto I to Olimpico Grande Torino by way of Filadelfia

The 5 things that you (probably) don't know about the Turin derby From Velodromo Umberto I to Olimpico Grande Torino by way of Filadelfia

Get organized, tonight at 8:30 pm at the Allianz Stadium he'll play the Derby della Mole, so called because of the Mole Antonelliana that dominates the city.
Juventus and Torino will face each other in what is the oldest derby in Italy, history and passion in a single game that in the old days has decided scudetti and which represents a great slice of the best cake there is, Italian football.
To better prepare for the match, we have put together the 5 things that you (probably) don't know about the Turin derby.

Juventus of the Agnelli family, but also of Sicilian and Calabrian immigrants, the Torino of Pianelli and of the Piedmontese employees, of those who spoke the hard and pure dialect. Juventus of the many badges and the Torino that carried in the veins, and will carry forever, the myth of Captain Valentino and the other heroes disappeared in the burning of Superga, and regret for the butterfly grenade, Gigi Meroni. Two ways of being. Darwin Pastorin 2008


#1 The oldest derby in Italy and Alfred Dick closed in the locker room

Torino - Juventus is the oldest derby in Italy. The first match between the two teams of Turin was played on January 13th, 1907, Toro won for 2-1 and was played in the Crocetta district and precisely at the Umberto I Velodrome. One of the first velodromes built in Italy (1895), borrowed the name from the course on which it overlooked (today Corso Duca degli Abruzzi), dedicated to the then King of Italy Umberto I. That derby was the first game ever played by Torino in its history and the rivalry was very strong right away . It all started from the foundation of the grenade team in 1906 at the behest of some Juventus dissident members, including the former Juventus president and major financier of the new club, the Swiss Alfred Dick. The chronicles of that first game speaks of a particular anecdote: some fans of Juventus locked Dick in the locker room, forcing him not to see the game but to guess what was the course of the race by the screams of the audience.
Before the birth of the grenade, there had already been games played with other teams of the city, La Torinese, the Ginnastica Torino, the Audace Torino, and the Pastore. In fact, in the first two editions of the Italian championship, the "original" derby were those played between Torinese, Ginnastica Torino, and Internazionale Torino before the latter merged with the same Torinese in 1900.


#2 November 17th, 1912, Juventus - Torino 0-8

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the first winning cycle in the derby was from Turin. Between 1912 and 1914, in the space of three games, the Torino of the Fino family came to give the Juventus rivals the beauty of 23 goals total. November 17th, 1912 is a date that will remain forever in the hearts of the grenade fans . The team showed up at the stadium of Corso Sebastopoli fierce as ever before trimming to the Bianconeri 8 goals, leaving them at 0 and the match of that day remains the one with the most difference in favour of Torino. The scorers were, Eugenio Mosso with a hat-trick, double for Francisco Mosso and Enrico Ruffa and a goal scored by Enrico Debernardi.


#3 The first football event broadcast live on national radio

Then came the time of Juventus supremacy, that of the Juventus Quinquennium with clear superiority in the derby and an unbeaten of fifteen games between 1928 and 1936. In the first half of the '30s the stracittadina went down in history for media issue: in fact, the 29th edition of the Mole derby, held at the stadium of Corso Marsiglia on May 15, 1932, was the first football event broadcast live by the EIAR, with the voice of Nicolò Carosio.


#4 Gigi Meroni and the sabotage of the FIAT assembly lines

In the decade of the 60s, bianconeri and granata faced an interlocutory period that coincides with the growth and the affirmation of Milanese football. In this period, the fans of the two teams arrived to impose on the derby scene. What happened in 1967 was emblematic and made the situation evident , Gianni Agnelli, president of Juventus, tried to bring the Torino idol Gigi Meroni to Juventus. When "mister half a billion" seemed to be a Juventus player, the crowd was protesting in the streets and the Torino fans who came to FIAT assembly lines where the work of the grenade faith, in response to that incredible market operation, came to sabotage the cars owned by the Agnelli family, changing the Avvocato idea.


#5 The play-off to go in the UEFA Cup

In the 87-88 tournament, Milan won its eleventh championship, while Torino and Juventus came sixth. At the time the sixth place gave the last access available to participate in the UEFA Cup of the following season. It was therefore necessary to play a play-off between the two teams in Turin. After 120 'without emotions and without goals but with too many fouls, the European qualification on penalties came to play.

A real torture for fans and players who found themselves having to suffer again after the entire championship and a game that had not given a verdict. From the 11 meters marked: Vignola, Cravero, De Agostini and Bresciani, 2-2. Lorieri parried the penalty of Sergio Brio but Comi took the crossbar in full and the teams were still tied. Cabrini did not fail, but instead Bendetti and finally Rush scoring his penalty, gave the Bianconeri the qualification for the UEFA Cup.