Konami vs EA, PES vs FIFA, the endless challenge between the two most important football video games has not finished yet, even more so today, that the Japanese company Konami has dropped in free download a lite version of PES 2019.

The free version can be downloaded starting from today, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and via Steam.
Despite being a reduced version, there are many game opportunities: adding to the classic offline performances, it is possible to access to My Club mode, the KONAMI version of FIFA Ultimate Team, on which the company is working hard to make the video game the favorite of football lovers again, after years in which FIFA has come a long way both on the graphics and on the playability level, online and offline. The video game also contains the Feature Players modality, which update in real time player's abilities and performances, based on the actual course of the championships. It's available also the Edit mode, to customize not only the physiognomy of the players but even the teams and stadiums.