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The Nostalgic LFC Liverpool collection

A new retro collection that reviews the history of the club and two great players

The Nostalgic LFC Liverpool collection A new retro collection that reviews the history of the club and two great players

LFC Liverpool has a glorious history, the Reds shirt have been protagonists of battles, and worn by great players. The successes obtained helped the fans to become more attached to a model rather than others, so the club has decided to relaunch 5 special retro models, worn in glorious seasons of just remembered for sentimental reasons.

The models are drawing from the rich history of the late 1980s to early 2000s, eliminating the correct brand logos (Reebok and adidas) but taking up the other key elements of the models of the time.


1988/89 away

Jersey with white vertical grey stripes, red neck as well as the stripes on the sleeves and the Candy sponsor, placed in the front of the shirt. 
In the 1988-89 season, the Reds won two titles: Community Shield and the FA Cup. In the English Premier League, they were second to Arsenal for the goal difference.



1995/1996 home

The typical Liverpool red color. Vertical stripes in two different shades of red, the neck is in white, and the Carlsberg logo, one of the club's biggest partnerships of all time.


1996/1997 away

The third kit is white, with several figures of liver bird in watermark by the body. High collar with red and black detail, same pattern seen in the cuffs. The sponsor is one more Carlsberg. No one trophies in this season but the greatest achievement the team this season was to reveal Michael Owen to the world.



1996/1998 home

The Liverpool 96-98 is mainly red, again featuring a Liver Bird watermark, the collar is polo style, with a red stripes, retable even in the cuffs. 
The Liverpool fans may remember this shirt not for a trophy, but because it was this season that Steven Gerrard appeared on the main team.


2001/2003 Champions League

The shirt is based on what was used in the Champions League that season, and in very short time the club gain its fifth Champions League title. The jersey is Red, with V collar and white cuffs, in this case the interesting detail is the crest, gold, as well as the Carlsberg sponsor.
In 2000/2001 season the Anfield club have won the UEFA Cup and in the next season the European SuperCup and a Community Shields. 



All of the above and a few more classy Liverpool retro jerseys are available to buy via the official LFC store, retailing at 40 € each.