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nss Christmas Shopping Guide: all that you need for a mountain vacation

It doesn't matter if you go for skiing or for anything else, the outfit is important

nss Christmas Shopping Guide: all that you need for a mountain vacation It doesn't matter if you go for skiing or for anything else, the outfit is important

The first snowflakes have already fallen on the mountains and the skiing week at the moment seems to be confirmed. It does not matter if you go to St. Moritz, to Sestriere or to the Tirol side of the Dolomites, but it's important to have the correct equipment. To not suffer the cold weather but above all to make a good impression in the huts and shelters of every latitude. Do not you ski? No problem, there is some items that are just right for you anyway.


Columbia Midnight Stretch Tight

The garment that can not be missing is a tight and elastic pants which allowing you to move easily, almost without noticing that you are wearing it.

price: 54,99 €

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Salomon Brigade+ Audio

To ski safely without having to worry about connecting your smartphone to listen to music, since there is already a  wire system inside it.

price: 119 €

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FireCel Plus

What is it? It's a particular 3 in 1 device that acts as a multi-mode flashlight, hand warmer and portable power supply for smartphones and other electronics. To make you feel comfortable even on the most remote slopes.

price: 32 €

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Juventus' snowboard

If you really do not want to leave your favorite team even on the slopes, remember to book it in advance because is handmade, and will be yours only after 40 days of waiting.

price: 1399 €

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Salewa MTN Trainer 25L

It's not so spacious (only 25 liters) but extremely comfortable and especially recommended for those with breathability problems on the back, limiting the physical contact to a minimum keeping your skin dry.

price: 130 €

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Moncler silver lunettes


Glasses on the mountains are fundamental, you already know, and these particular silver-colored lunettes will significantly enhance your outfit. Hurry up because the black, red and dark blue versions are already sold out.

price: 275 €

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Eisbär Cocker Hat

The famous Austrian brand's hat is not a novelty of 2018, but a timeless item. Perfect for those who want to be noticed: on Amazon there are many combinations of colors and 'hairstyle'.

price: 30-40 € 

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Italy team neck warmer

If you want to feel a bit Sofia Goggia or a bit Christof Innerhofer, what you need to do is to watch the Kappa winter collection for FISI (Italian Winter Sports Federation): jackets, pants, sweatshirts and everything you need.

price: 20 €

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Burton snowboard gloves

Buying a pair of gloves can become a difficult choice given the enormous range available, which may perhaps confuse your ideas. But it's absolutely essential to buy even more pairs, so why not dare a little?

price: 39,96 €

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Oakley Fall Line snow Goggle


The mask is another essential accessory, and even in this case, choosing only one is really difficult: the important thing is that it ensures maximum visibility and light control, for the colors you can find every kind of combinations.

price: 170 €

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The North Face Himalayan pants

It's not really a salopette but a pair of pants, which will keep you warm in the legs even when the cold will be unbearable, thanks to the padding in goose feathers.

price: 600 €

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Colmar x Van Orton Design ski jacket

If you really want to make a nice Christmas gift, here's the colorful ski jacket Van Orton Design, inspired by the '80s.

price: 490 €

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GoPro Hero7 Silver

What mountains vacation would be without a GoPro to resume your acrobatics jumps? This model guarantees you videos in 4K and the possibility to use the video camera with the touch screen and with the voice command.

price: 249,99 €

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