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Seven good reasons for loving Mario Yepes

The Colombian pirate that we loved in Serie A, but not only

Seven good reasons for loving Mario Yepes The Colombian pirate that we loved in Serie A, but not only

Yepes passed in Serie A and maybe someone did not even notice it. Between 2008 and 2010 he was one of the many elderly defenders passed through Verona, Chievo shore. Crushed between a Dainelli and a Gamberini, the presence of Mario Yepes has been lost in the folds of a story made of ugly draws and defenses to the bitter end; the Colombian was one of many, yet more than others he left his memory in Verona, although only two seasons remained at Chievo. Always winning salvation, of course.

Little has been said about Yepes, despite he also played 62 times with AC Milan and Atalanta, but perhaps because he did not like to show off too much. "Let the field speak" is the most abused phrase in these cases. For him, instead, he spoke the face. Look at him, Mario Yepes: the long hair (even if he has cut them now) and the beard of a bandit, the look sincere close up that wishes you good day by closing behind the front door and thinking of the next striker to stop. Who would not want to have Yepes as a neighbor?

There is more than one reason to fall in love with him, and of course we fall in love with him too late, as happens in the greatest love stories: we did not know we would miss it so much, you appreciate things only when you lose them and other obviousness. Here then a short love manual for all Yepes lovers:

#1 Former striker

As a young Yepes he was a striker, he liked to score and when he talks about this he becomes sad.

He was progressively moved back into the field, first from full back, then from central defender. Of course, he must always thank Reinaldo Rueda, who summoned him to Under20 as a defender. But he wanted to play offensively and in training matches he kept doing it.


#2 Goal vs Lecce

A few years ago Milan took to the field in Lecce and the match was rather bad. Below in the score 3-0, the Rossoneri managed to recover the disadvantage thanks to a crazy hat trick by Boateng, which had led Tiziano Crudeli to launch his iconic "BOA TENG-TENG-TENG".

The fact is that the game would have been nailed to 3-3, if Yepes had not gored the cross of Cassano from the left, suddenly remembering his past as a striker.



#3 Riquelme’s nutmeg

If you love a person you accept everything, even the bad things of his past. Mario Yepes, in his early twenties, was in the River Plate and once faced the Boca Juniors of an inspired Riquelme. Which bullied him with an incredible tunnel.

By the way, Yepes himself would comment on that tunnel on Twitter a few years later. An honest, sincere and beautiful answer at the same time:

"Unforgettable moments in history. What did I try? Surely I was not happy, but Riquelme made a great play".

You still do not love Yepes?


#4 Fun Fact: the double in Barletta

Yepes, during an evening with friends, can tell of having been called into question by Barletta Calcio, who a few years ago has signed a Cypriot double.


#5 PSG factor

Mario Yepes chose to go to PSG when choosing to go to PSG was definitely a hipster choice. With that shirt in the 2005/2006 season he won a French Cup, and if you want to recover his best performances during the final there is this video that sums up "El Partitazo de Yepes":



#6 Reliability

Mario Yepes is the neighbor that warns before leaving for the holidays. Chievo, not by chance, for two seasons has entrusted his home goal (but also that of away), and he has defended well, sometimes very well (like here). The feeling (strong) is that, two years after the withdrawal, Yepes could still be comfortable for several teams. Chievo included.


# 7 Speech to Colombia

That said it might seem like the speech of a President, and in fact at that moment Yepes seemed possessed by the spirits of the past Colombian presidents:

"Today we have a great commitment to the people who are here, to the people who are at home, to our families and to the country. But the greatest commitment is to ourselves, brothers, we must show why fuck we got here! Are we here for this or not? We have a game to prove it, we give everything to show that they will not be able to win! Let's put it all together! Colombia! Colombia! Colombia!"


Bonus Reason - Suma’s anger

"One thing I want in life from now on: Mario Yepes entry"