Paulo Dybala is not only a Juventus fan's idol, but his class also fascinate all the football lovers, so at the launch of the new adidas Copa 19+ boots, which Dybala is the testimonial, was presented "Behind the Mask", an 11 minutes mini-documentary on the life of the black and white champion. The documentary takes us into the private life of the player, showing his relationship with the relatives and the Playstation match with the friends. Paulo tells us his way of lives in Turin, the mate that prepares with Bentancur before every match and tell us what he considers his best goal, the one scored at the Olimpic Stadium in Rome against SS Lazio, decisive for the championship last year. 

"In order to fight, you have to wear a mask, like gladiators do"

The name of the documentary refers to the Dybala Mask, and the player explains on the cameras when it was born and what are the messages he wants to transmit. it's not just an exultation, but a way to express the grit and personality you need to dress up the number 21 first, and then the number 10 of Juventus, both historical jerseys. La Joya explains that the decision to adopt the mask as an exultation came after the missed penalty in the final of the Italian Super Cup against Milan, in 2017, a difficult moment from which we had to go out with strength, as the Gladiators do.