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10 unthinkable players who scored in the derby d'Italia

A journey through the recent history of the clashes between Juventus and Inter through ten unusual protagonists

10 unthinkable players who scored in the derby d'Italia A journey through the recent history of the clashes between Juventus and Inter through ten unusual protagonists

Derby d'Italia. The expression coined by Gianni Brera, the most influential sports journalist of the twentieth century, devised to make sense of the extreme rivalry between two of the most important teams not only in Italy but also in the world for blazon and prestige dates back to 1967.

"The rivalry between Inter and Juventus is too strong not to be compared to that of a match between two teams of the same city"

said Brera fifty-one years ago just to deliver to posterity the meaning "derby" for a match between two teams of different regions. Since then, many derbies have been played, and over the years the antagonism between the Nerazzurri and the Bianconeri has only increased, between the disputed titles, the Coppa Italia and the Supercoppa Italia finals and the facts of Calciopoli. The last relevant event can be the study that states that Juventus is the most loved squad in Italy, while Inter is the exact opposite. The nemesis between the two teams will never cease because it also goes beyond the simple sporting link. It represents, in fact, the clash between two of the cities of the so-called Industrial Triangle, as well as between two companies historically owned by two of the most economically important families in Italy, the Agnelli and the Moratti (even though now Inter speaks Chinese), thus embracing the socio-cultural sphere of Italy. Although in some ways the rivalry is a bit 'waned in recent years, the fans of both teams still feel very much the game.

Over time, Juventus - Inter has had many protagonists, whether these are positive or negative. Recall, for example, José Mourinho expelled for protests in 2009, or the last-minute goal signed by Gonzalo Higuain in the last episode of this endless saga of games. Today, once again they will write the story at the Allianz Stadium, with one of the games every year able to glue all the fans on TV, as well as to lead them to the stadium. On the occasion of the 234th Italian derby, nss sports brings to mind ten protagonists that no one remember had play in the matches between Inter and Juventus, ten forgotten (?) scorers who for the bianconera or nerazzurra jersey once savored the proverbial "fifteen minutes of celebrity" .


Lele Adani

Sky Sport's commentator is now on everyone's lips for his controversial love for South American football and for his phrases during the commentary, but you must know that on February 12th, 2004 he scores in a Coppa Italia derby of Italy ended 2-2. That match, valid for the Cup return semi-final, gave Juventus a place in the final after penalty kicks, as one hundred and twenty minutes were not enough for the two teams to win. Two goals on each side, including one of Adani's for Inter. That remains the first and only goal of the former defender in a derby of Italy, made at the last second as any uruguayan that deserves his respect and esteem.


Zdenek Grygera

It’s April 18, 2009 and at the Stadio Olimpico in Turin, Juventus - Inter is slowly consuming itself with the Nerazzurri ahead. Balotelli opened the scoring at the 63rd minute, and everything seems to proceed in the right direction for Mourinho's team, until... a fullback with the number 21 on his shoulders jumps higher than all and brings the result on 1-1 to the ninetieth. A goal like that, at that time, can only be scored by a great striker, but this is certainly not the case: the hero of that match is Zdenek Grygera, who no one remembered managed to score a goal in a derby of Italy. Juventus left the field with their heads held high, but also aware that they had virtually handed the Scudetto in hand to Inter, increasingly launched towards the fourth consecutive title win.



Let's go back a year back, let's go back to San Siro. Inter and Juventus vie for first place in the middle of the second half of the season. The stakes are very high and this, the two coaches, they know it well. What happens that evening in Milan was unexpected. The Juventus of Ranieri, in fact, arrives at San Siro with a more combative attitude than ever, unlocking the result in the second half and taking the double advantage. Everything seems to be over for Inter, then Maniche enters. For the Portuguese player, eight appearances at Inter in six months and only one goal, this against Juve, followed by an unfortunate post-hit that was about to bring the hosts on 2-2 at the end of the game. The goal of the man you don’t expect seems a sign of destiny and the Nerazzurri players start to believe the comeback, but in vain. In the end, Juventus has won, but we will only remember the goal of that midfielder on loan from Atletico Madrid.


Paolo Montero

Paolo Montero was one of the best defenders to wear the Juventus jersey last decade, but it's also true that he never scored: this is the reason for his inclusion on this list. Let's contextualize everything: we are at the old Stadio delle Alpi and on 29th November 2003, the always awaited match between Juventus and Inter take place on the eleventh day of Serie A. The Nerazzurri are less than seven points from Juventus rivals and know they can not make misstep in Turin. So, Alberto Zaccheroni puts on one of the best matches of the season of Inter, annihilating Juventus from all points of view and conceding a goal to opponents only at 89'. That goal was scored by Paolo Montero precisely, his first and last goal in Juventus. More than forgettable, the goal of the Uruguayan is not to be believed.



He's the last player you didn't remember had scored a goal in a derby of Italy. His score dates back to February 2, 2014, in the 71st minute of the match between Inter and Juve in the 22nd Serie A day. Conte's team dominates at the Stadium, disintegrating Inter with three goals, reduced to only two by the left-foot shot in the scrum of a corner of the Portuguese defender that gives a minimum glimmer of hope to the Mazzarri's Inter, but above all of Ranocchia, the captain, Kuzmanovic, Ricky Alvarez, Campagnaro and Jonathan. A bad Inter.


Jean-Alain Boumsong

Jean-Alain Boumsong was a rugged French defense center, a silver medalist at the 2006 World Cup and former Juventus defender. Very few have memories of him, who for thirty-three times in two seasons has dressed the Bianconeri jersey, scoring two goals, one per year. The second is the most important, as well as the one that most concerns us, since it came against Inter of Mancini and Toldo between the posts on January 23, 2008, once again in the Coppa Italia. We are at San Siro and mister Ranieri replaces Birindelli at 23 'of the second half just to give space to the former Newcastle defender, who immediately imposes himself guarded in defense of the Old Lady until leaving his indelible mark on the game, his sign: sixteen minutes after his entry, in fact, on the cross of Palladino from a corner, Boumsong imperiously detaches and returns the match in a tie. That match will end on 2-2 and only in the return Inter will get the pass for the Cup semi-finals, winning for 2-3 in Turin.


Sulley Muntari

Let's skip to a few months later: it's November 22nd and at San Siro the classic between Inter-Juve is staged. Mourinho's Inter and Ranieri's Juventus challenge each other in a cold Milan to hunt both of three important points but above all, the glory of the winners, the rare one that only matches like the derby of Italy can give. The game is coming at the conclusion on the score of 0-0 that satisfy and dissatisfied a bit 'all. This up to 67': the assist is given by Ibrahimovic, one who could soon return to the pitch of the Meazza in Rossonero dressed, the goal is scored by one that Meazza's lawn has already trampled several times, just like Zlatan, both as an Interist and a Milanist: Sulley Muntari. 



Remember Diego? Juventus paid out twenty-three million euros in the summer of 2009 to buy him from Werder Bremen, placing many hopes in the Brazilian playmaker. However, the guy has never repaid anyone's trust and a year later he was sent back to Germany. Of him, however, there is a minimum memory attributable to the umpteenth derby of Italy in the Coppa Italia. The stage is that of San Siro and sees the bianconeri on the tenth minute thanks to the number 28. Unfortunately, Diego's goal will not be enough for Juventus to reach the Cup semi-finals, as Inter then managed to impose themselves on Lucio and Balotelli's goals. In fact, the year 2010 was running and Mourinho's Inter was running towards the historic triplete at the end of the season.


Francesco Toldo

Ok, we know that, officially, that goal was assigned to Vieri, but it's impossible not to mention the ancestor of Brignoli in this case. The scenario: Inter and Juventus face each other at San Siro and don't get hurt for ninety minutes, before the penalty that Alex Del Piero transforms into a goal at the end of regulated time. It seems there are no hopes for Inter, which would be ended just one point behind the Bianconeri, but Francesco Toldo and Bobo Vieri do not think so. The hosts besiege the rivals' box for the entire recovery time, finding an unexpected and daring goal at the last second thanks to the touches of their goalkeeper and striker. The Meazza explodes and Inter, catching the tie against all odds, manages to keep a safe distance from Lippi's team. But then, Toldo goal or no goal?


Darko Kovacevic

Did you know that, in 2000, the derby of Italy was decided by a reserve? In fact, deprived of Zidane (disqualified), Carlo Ancelotti needed a jolly to rely on for the match at San Siro against a weak, without Ronaldo (injured) Inter on April 16, 2000, hoping to earn more points to get closer to the Scudetto. The solution? Back Del Piero on the three-quarter instead of Zizou and join Inzaghi, in offense, Darko Kovacevic. Reserve not to be underrated, after having been ready with Bologna, Kovacevic also became the Inter nightmare, entering the list of the few capable of scoring a double in the derby of Italy. His goals brought the three points to Juventus and further removed Inter from the noble areas of the table.