Who remembers the colored shirts worn by Jorge Campos in the 90s? More than twenty years later, Classic Football Shirts has decided to re-create the legendary jersey, the object of collectors' desire all over the world. The English company, which actually sells the shirts, has decided to produce them establishing a collaboration with a club of the third Mexican division, Acapulco FC, the team of the hometown of the unforgettable goalkeeper.

Classic Football Shirts has reproduced an old Jorge Campos jersey The English company will dress a small Mexican club inspired by the colored kits of the historical goalkeeper | Image 0

The jersey will be used by the Mexicans during 2019 and takes is inspired by the shirt that Campos wore during the 1994 World Cup. Among the noteworthy details is the club's crest, with a silhouette of the little goalkeeper and his nickname, 'El Brody', instead of the traditional dolphin. The jersey is doubly special because it goes to support the World Peace Organization. Do you want to buy it? Only £ 39.99 on the Classic Football Shirt website.