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What if the Italian players were born in Brazil?

8 Italian players who worth 100 Millions and you don't know it

What if the Italian players were born in Brazil? 8 Italian players who worth 100 Millions and you don't know it

A few days ago, one of the most appreciated Italian controversies came back into fashion: Ruggiero Rizzitelli at Sky Sport declared that "if Cutrone was called Cutrinho, it would have an astronomical evaluation". Not a novelty: even in the bar, in the morning, someone has said it referring to Italian players. One thing that also made Antonio Conte talking about Giaccherini and renaming him Giaccherinho.

So, the thesis is the following: a foreign name attracts more, Italian players are not considered good because they have a surname too Italian, as Stanis La Rochelle would say (that if he were La Rochellinho would definitely have a different career). The controversy is served, ok, but at least it should be fueled with a little 'creativity, because if Giaccherinho can also work, Cutrinho does not sound very well. Here then are some suggestions of Brazilian surnames and ready to use:

Cutrone - Cutrão

Here, now it's all different. Cutrone would remember Brandão and would have a very credible Brazilian name. Born in 1998 from a Brazilian father and an Italian mother, Cutrão, after growing up in Atletico Mineiro, was bought by Milan in 2017 on the advice of Ricardo Oliveira. Today marks a lot, solves complicated situations and worth 100 million.


Federico Chiesa - Luiz Igreja

Son of the great Ricardo Igreja, he shows off in the Santos juveniles (where he is considered the new Neymar) and is noticed by an observer from Fiorentina, who after a close market auction wins 20 million in 2015. After three seasons in purple jersey he is worth 120.

Sergio Pellissier - Luciano Pellissião

For reasons connected with the passport, he first called himself Eriberto and said he was 20 years old; then it turned out that in reality he was already 40, but despite his age, his Brazilian surname allowed him to have a market valuation of 70/80 million. Today he continues to score with the Chievo shirt, in search of a desperate salvation.


Andrea Belotti - Galogol

A living mix between Pato (who was the Duck, and then Belotti becomes the Galo) and Gabigol, the perfect union between mystical illusion and meme: Galogol is a mythological figure who up to a couple of years ago had come to value 100 million even without a Brazilian surname.

Matteo Politano - Anderson Gabriel Pedro Jesus From Silva Do Nascimiento, aka Nemo

Politano could be the classic Brazilian player with a thousand names, which by abbreviation is called by the name with which he addressed his younger brother: here then Nemo, which then also means "None", and then all super beats "hahaha Spalletti sent none to the field hahaha ". And obviously many, after a possible negative period, would rely on the catchphrase "Finding Nemo".


Domenico Berardi - Berardinho

In this case it works! Berardinho is perfect, it plays well, he’s the classic unfinished Brazilian talent, everyone has been waiting for him for years, he should be great at any moment and yet he always remains a promise. Maybe some relatives in Brazil Domenico Berardi really does. Evaluation obviously between 100 and 120 million.

Ciro Immobile - José Imòvel (on the shirt and for friends, only José)

Property translated into Brazilian takes us far, in places where it would also mark with the Italian national team (because obviously it would be natural) (our goal is to create a national team of oriundi, it was understood, no?). He played in San Paolo, then Hernanes advised Lazio. So here it is there, worth 200 million and win the top of Serie A top scorer.

Jorginho - Giorgio

It is clear: if he had called Giorgio, Chelsea would never have spent 60 million euros for him.