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FC Cincinnati's new look

From the next season the American franchise will join MLS

FC Cincinnati's new look From the next season the American franchise will join MLS

The US football season is quite over and they are already planning the next season, which will see a new team: as announced last May, following the expansion program scheduled for some years, the MLS 2019 will be composed of 24 teams (and from 26 in 2020 with Nashville and Miami entrances) and the new entry is called FC Cincinnati, the Ohio franchise founded in 2015 which also ended at the first place the regular season of the United Soccer League, the second US football level, under the Major League Soccer.


Yesterday evening in the city of Ohio, a party took place during which, among other things, the new Orange and Blue badge was unveiled. There are many references to the city of Cincinnati, such as the lion's tail that represents the fighting spirit of the city, the seven hills that are depicted by the seven points of the mane but also the lion crown, which refers to the nickname of Cincinnati, Queen City. Then there are the social colors, orange and blue, but also the use of a particular font of Germanic inspiration to symbolize the heritage of the city. The meaning of the sword in the lion's hand is related to the aptitude to fight while the three wings checks refer to the first three seasons before to the MLS debut. 

What remains to know about the new franchise that deserved to entry into the elite of American soccer? The core values ​​of the club are 'inclusivity', 'openness', 'commitment' and 'passion' while the tags and hashtags to be used in the future have been meticulously indicated: not only Orange and Blue but especially Ignite and Unite and Now and Forever, but for those who want to simply use emoticons, the two orange and blue colored diamonds are well accepted.