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Five football matches to watch this weekend

It's maybe the weekend with the best matches ever?

Five football matches to watch this weekend It's maybe the weekend with the best matches ever?

No matter which team you're support, the upcoming football weekend is one of those unmissable. There's no friend's birthdays or the baptism of some distant cousin who hold the comparison, and they need to make a reason. And we are sure that, if they really love you, they will understand the reasons for your absence. There is the SuperClasico Bombonera to decide the Copa Libertadores, clear?! Anything comes later.


Borussia Dortmund-Bayern Munich

when: Saturday 10/11 at 6:30pm

where: Westfalenstadion / Sky Sport

The times in which the Bavarians easily dominated the Der Klassiker seem very old, like the 6-0 with which Lewandowski and his teammates defeat the BVB only eight months ago. Now at the top of the Bundesliga is Lucien Favre's Borussia Dortmund and the roles seem to be changed, with Bayern playing the role of the shy and insecure team. The only sure thing about this open match is that, anyway, the Gialloneri will remain at the top of the Bundesliga, given the comfortable +4. Borussia, meanwhile, with a win would have the opportunity to run away from the hated rivals.


Boca Juniors-River Plate

when: Saturday 10/11 at 9pm

where: La Bombonera / DAZN

It does not matter if you have not followed a single second of the Libertadores Cup: it's impossible that you have not already been overwhelmed by the hype for what is considered one of the most important matches in the history of Argentina, and perhaps even football. Boca and River against, in the Copa final for the first time, seems like the script of a blockbuster movie but luckily it's reality. And we can not wait to see how will face the two finalists, not simply two teams but just two different worlds, two ways of being. We literally can not wait to enjoy the show, the first part of a beautiful double challenge.


Manchester City-Manchester United

when: Sunday 11/11 at 5:30pm

where: Etihad Stadium / Sky Sport

Just finished to celebrate for the incredible win at Allianz Stadium that Manchester United is expected from the first seasonal derby against the Guardiola's City. The endless duel between the two managers is already a very good reason to follow the match, perfect to keep you company during an anonymous Sunday afternoon. But there is much more than the challenge Mou-Pep, there are many champions in the pitch and we do not know how to make a prediction: City is still unbeaten but will have to face a team that plays badly, it's true, but that away it's very dangerous.




when: Sunday 11/11 at 8:30pm

where: S. Siro / Sky Sport

Do not look at the list of AC Milan's injured list but the history of this challenge, which will not be decisive for the championship's rush as it happened until a few years ago but that is always a top match of Italian Serie A, absolutely unpredictable even if the values ​​of the squads are clearly different. This match is first of all a mixture of former players: Allegri, Bonucci, Higuain, De Sciglio and Caldara (from the stand) will challenge against their recent past and anything can happen.



when: Sunday 11/11 at 9pm

where: Stadio Renzo Barbera / DAZN

At the same time with the San Siro's clash (but also with Monaco-PSG), it's not to be underestimated the big match of the second division between the two teams that currently are the first two spots: Stellone's Palermo that occupy the second place in the standings with a match less hosts at Barbera the tough Pescara managed by Pillon. They are two very different but equally effective teams, at least for now: the Rosanero are more solid, the Abruzzesi have a dangerous offensive package. Give them an eye, it will be your dessert after the big weekend feed.