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7 GIF to celebrate Walter Mazzarri

To love one of the funniest Serie A manger.

7 GIF to celebrate Walter Mazzarri  To love one of the funniest Serie A manger.

Today, if you mention Mazzarri to someone, that someone smiles. It's instinctive, without malice: the mouth widens, teeth popping up waiting for you to say something funny about the coach, not even Mr. Bean. The irony on Mazzarri began years ago and has settled over time, you should cut it in half and count the circles to find out how old it is. Perhaps it was born with "the excuse of the rain" that made it famous and whimper, or perhaps his very expressive face, so Italian, immediately aroused some form of irony, like a carnival mask.

Mazzarri is a character over the top, but never exaggerated, never scurrilous. Volcanic yes, but not incorrect. What is disappointing today is that the former Inter coach for many has become more of a specimen than a real coach. But Mazzarri is a true coach, who in his career with his 3-5-2 visceral has obtained honest results and trained great teams. Now he is at Turin and his Torino is doing well. He trained Watford in England, yesterday he was at Inter, the day before yesterday at Napoli in the Champions League, three days ago at Sampdoria in the Italian Cup final, four days ago at Reggina he saves with him in the lead and so on.

But it seems time to cut the tree. After having said that Mazzarri is also (better: above all) a coach, we must understand why he has become a speck. A ramshackle interview in English is not enough, because it takes courage to do it. To understand the transformation of Mazzarri into a carnival mask, we need looped images that describe his pop essence. GIF by GIF.


#1 Mazzarri bottle of water

One day Mazzarri decided to eat a small bottle of water because of anger. In this image, which obviously blew up the social media, Mazzarri snaps the plastic and lifts the whole bottle, which remains for a second in his mouth, in a carnival frame.



Variant with jump:

Mazzarri, however, is also able to blow them up, the bottles, when he is angry. And to resume them on the fly. Ultimately, if you are a bottle of water, the advice is to stay away from Mazzarri when he is angry.



#2 Mazzarri cleaning his face

Mazzarri is a mask but does not wear a mask, so she takes care of her face to try to fight wrinkles.



#3 Mazzarri’s astonishment

The Mazzarri’s astonishment expression can be copied and repeated several times during the day, for example if someone parks behind you and does not let you out. Then you enter the bar, you see him who takes the cappuccino and reacts like this:



#4 Mazzarri dance

Mazzarri dance deserves 3 GIFs. It's a dance that stars Mazzarri and Frustalupi and is fantastic, the two are always coordinated, they tried these moves a thousand times before putting them into practice in the technical area. And then







#5 Mazzarri tries to explain the patterns to the ant

The coach of Turin is not content to teach football players and decides to explain it to the ants.


#6 Mazzarri and the clock

Another image became cult: Mazzarri indicating the clock is one of the memes with the most used football coaches ever. There are two variations. The standard version:


Variant with clock that does not work well:


#5 Mazzarri exults as a child exults on Christmas Day


Difficult not to love him.