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What will be the next Arsène Wenger team?

We tried to imagine the five possible future destinations of the French coach

What will be the next Arsène Wenger team? We tried to imagine the five possible future destinations of the French coach

More than seven months have passed since Arsène Wenger officially left Arsenal after a 22 seasons relationship and over 1200 benches. It's a really good moment for the Gunners with Unai Emery (and without Wenger), but the departure of the Alsatian technician has inevitably left a big gap, of those that only the passing time will be able to fill. But fortunately Arsène is already tired to spent his afternoons on the sofa at home, and has publicly announced to the German newspaper Bild that from January 1 will return to coaching, to get back on a bench at the age of 70. His next destination is not yet known, although Wenger himself has specified that the teams that have started to court him are a lot (practically all those with big problems on the bench like Bayern Munich, Southampton and Fenerbahce) and come from all over the world, leaving a veil of mystery around his future: the most recurrent rumors would like to join the PSG board or the Japanese national team staff, it was also confirmed that Fulham tried to convince him before choosing Ranieri, but waiting for relevant news about his future, we tried to imagine what could be his next destination.


AC Milan

Fake news or true scoop? Behind the news that Arsène would jump on the Milan bench after Gattuso, at the end of the season or if the Italian manager will be fired, there are two more or less reliable sources such as France Football and the Daily Mirror, which in the last days have advanced this suggestive hypothesis. The direction of this clamorous operation would be Ivan Gazidis, the former Arsenal manager who, starting from December 1st, will become CEO of the Rossoneri team and who would present himself in the new environment with a present: an and thoughtful manager, practically the opposite of Ringhio.



AS Monaco

The return of an old flame as it was the AS Monaco could be an absolutely viable hypothesis for Arsène that in the Principality has already spent seven seasons between 1987 and 1994. On the other hand the Monegasques are living one of the grayest moments of recent years and are ready for yet another revolution, and we are not referring to the future change of technical sponsor: they are currently in full relegation zone and have absolutely not benefited from the arrival of Thierry Henry on the bench (two wins and two draws in ten matches). Why believe in the return of Wenger? Just look at the average age of the Monaco rose (23.8), perfect for the tastes of Arsène.


A random African national team

For a particular character like Wenger both AC Milan and AS Monaco could however be considered absolutely banal destinations. So why not try the mystical experience of leading an African selection in the next African Cup of Nations? Usually there are plenty of elderly European seniors on the benches of the African teams, and the profile of Wenger would be perfect for a competition like this, but for the first time it will take place in summer and not in winter. In addition, as written in this beautiful article on Esquire, Wenger in Africa is a true hero, already received the title of Knight Grand Commander of the African Redemption Order (the highest Liberian honor) for having played the decisive role with Claude Le Roy in the discovery and development of the professional career of George Weah in his days at Monaco. We just have to wait to get to know all the teams that will qualify: at the moment the idea of ​​driving Madagascar in its first competition remains so interesting, Tunisia at the moment is another option because does not have a real coach.



The reserve team of Borussia Monchengladbach

As emerged in the famous book published in 2008 by Arsène Wenger: The Professor, the Alsatian manager was often used to see Borussia Monchengladbach games for which he has quickly held a strong 'affection'. This season the Fohlen are literally flying into the Bundesliga: they won at Bayern Munich's home and are stable in the league's top places. Wenger could then decide to take the leadership of the reserve team, actually in the fourth division (the Regionalliga), raising talents for six months with the intention to find the new Xhaka before taking over from Hecking at the end of the season. The language would not be a problem, since Wenger has already learned German trying to explain to Ozil that sometimes he can even shoot.


Kids in a football school of Hokkaido

It would be the greatest bluff in the long career of Arsène that could refuse any kind of prestigious avances to go to spend a period of reflection in Japan, where he already lived just for a season in 1995/6, and precisely at Nagoya Grampus. From Wenger it is reasonable to expect almost everything, we know, above all a radical and extreme choice like that of opening a football school on the island of Hokkaido after a short phone call with his former player Junichi Inamoto who recently settled there.