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Why football players are wearing cap with animals?

Goorin Bros: the trucker hats that are invading the soccer pitches.

Why football players are wearing cap with animals? Goorin Bros: the trucker hats that are invading the soccer pitches.

Speaking about clothes, it's difficult to find an agreement between different personality, especially if we are talking about footballers, so different in their style and in the way to act in front of the cameras, as well as in their technical skills on the pitch. Recently there is a brand that seems to reconcile some of the main European football stars, a common uniform even for those who daily wear opposite uniforms. From the shyest like Messi and Sergi Roberto, to the outgoing Icardi and Neymar, many football players were photographed with this particular  Goorin Brother's American trucker hat.

Cassell Goorin, the brand patriarch, in 1895 sold straw hat around Pittsburgh. One step ahead and a new entrepreneurial idea is thanks to the two Cassell' son, Ted and Alfred, who create a big factory and lately open the first store in San Francisco. Now we can count 30 flagship stores in North America. Goorin bros have a strong classical background, in fact, before the spreads of the snapback visibility, the brand was particularly associated with traditional forms, like the elegant ones made during the Fall 2018 collection for the basketball player Carmelo Anthony.

In the latest month, many Serie A players have been spotted with the 'Animal Farm Trucker' collection on their head. The back of the cap is characterized by the net, the front has a patch with embroidery of animals. The colors are often taken from nature and the animals are typical of American fauna and accompanied by the proper name of the species. It's a well-done detail and the choice of the animals is large.

Eagle, tuna, turkey and squirrel, but also the most choices wolf and bear, that remain the most popular. Anyway is the Messi's one with the pug that attracted our attention, during the latest  Barcelona Champions League match against Inter, while his son was drawing Juventus's logo. The cap costs 35$ but you can also take one for 1000$.

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Before Messi, the strongest and unaware image about Gooring Bros were connected to the film "Casablanca", when Humphrey Bogart wears a classic model of hat in one of the most famous shots in film history. Now, this trend seems to have invaded the European football. In addition, the ones we have already talked, even Dani Alves, Callejon, Dybala, Farias, Cengiz Under and in particular Diego Maradona have worn the trucker hat. Not only the baller, but also an actor like Gerard Butler, a singer like Justin Bieber or food entrepreneurs like Joe Bastianich have chosen their farm animal. A good recipe for finding an agreement between different personalities. And you, bee or howl?