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Signature move: Leonardo Bonucci's long passes

It’s still legitimate to ask if they are remote controlled

Signature move: Leonardo Bonucci's long passes It’s still legitimate to ask if they are remote controlled

Who doesn't like remote-controlled cars? Going home with a Ferrari Testarossa in scale 1: 100 has always been the dream of many children, and I don't deny that I'd still like to do something like that. After all, everything that is remote controlled always has its charm. This is why Leonardo Bonucci's long passes should now be a study subject in all scientific high schools. Accurate, calculated to the millimeter and designed to send the forward into a goal: the Juventus defender's volleys are so perfect and characteristic that few other defenders can imitated them. That's why they seem remote-controlled: you can only do them on FIFA.

Since he was at Juventus, except for the Rossoneri misadventures of last season, Bonucci has always proved to be a very pragmatic central defender, which often prefers to venture into the area and shot on goal by his head or, precisely, make stunning assists from the distance for his forwards teammates. If his team mate Chiellini has always been known for his greater defensive nature, the colleague of Viterbo since his seasons at Bari has put on show his important ballistic skills, even if he wasn't that great player in his early years in Serie A. Juventus saw something in him in 2010, buying it from the Apulians to put him alongside his number 3. Three, as the years that has spent the six-time champion to gain value in defense Bianconeri. With Antonio Conte first and Massimiliano Allegri then, Bonucci, Chiellini and Barzagli were the most feared central trio in Europe, with the 19 to play the central role of defense. His long passes, the protagonists of this article, began to enchant the European top clubs that for him have started to caress the idea of ​​spend lot of money to buy him. In the end, Bonucci moved to Milan and then returned to the base after an unlucky year and some too much defensive amnesia, which still persecute him persistently. We believe that, sooner or later, Leo will get rid of this cumbersome burden and will return to be applauded, hopefully not only for his parables.


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Difficulty coefficient: 9/10

Returning to his 'long kilometres' volleys, I was not kidding about calling them remote-controlled. In 2016 Bonucci counted an average of 6.6 long passes per game, with a distance of about 24 km depth in the field. Data of a certain importance, data that lawfully place the Juventus defender in the list of the best long throwers. There is no doubt: emulating the long passes of the '87 born isn't easy for anyone, then performing them with disarming consistency is really for very few elected. Do not call me crazy if I dare to define him as a backward version in the field of Andrea Pirlo: being a backward director was one of the major reasons that made him really essential to start the maneuver from afar. Have you seen Dybala's first goal with Young Boys? Well, get it back. And there is also the magnificent assist of Bonucci, which is at least 50% of the achievement.



Beauty: 10/10

Perhaps I am the one who is exaggeratedly in love with the long passes, but I really can't resist in front of similar passes. It's like, with the power of thought, Bonucci takes control of the ball and manages to take it wherever he wants, serving his striker with kissable parables. Beautiful, perfect, lovely. If I had to study axes on the Cartesian plane, taking for example the bianconero 19's long passes, I would probably digest math better. In the past, the Juventus defender has managed to serve his teammates with the weak foot, the left.



What does it remember?

Do you know that nice little game you do at parties with a ping pong ball, a table and a glass? The one where you have to bounce the ball on the table and hope that you center the glass. Well: this is reminiscent of Bonucci's long passes. Close your eyes and imagine to impress girls in this way: if you were "Bonny", now you would have dozens of girls at your feet and a lot of friends would envy you. What advantage would be have the ballistic qualities of the Juventus defender? Surely that to bypass the opposing defenses even not too naive. What about Belgium-Italy in the European 2016 when we seemed invincible? 




Soundtrack: Salirò - Daniele Silvestri

Which is what everyone must think as soon as the ball ends between Bonucci's feet. Clear, from him you can not expect anything but a pass on the three-quarter. So, go up: sooner or later you will be called to stop in some way, to turn around in some way, to kick somehow (even if you are a little guy like Giaccherini). May God helps you. 

"Salirò salirò 

Fino a quando sarò 

Solamente un punto lontano"



Emulation chances: 4/10

What about trying the Bonucci launch? Maybe yes, maybe in P.E. hours at school, hoping you aren't totally bumpling to open in half the shoe. Somewhere else? I don't recommend you, sending the ball out of the soccer field could condemn you to a humiliation equal to that of Bonucci when he said he wanted to move the balance at Milan, failing miserably. You are advised. Meanwhile, watching a video that shows his technique and his game vision as if it were a tutorial could maybe help you.