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Footballers' masks to wear on Halloween

Brainstorming the Halloween night with Dybala and Cutrone

Footballers' masks to wear on Halloween Brainstorming the Halloween night with Dybala and Cutrone

The moment of the year is about to come, when the Calabria go knocking on the doors of the Buffon and ask for trick or trick; the same moment of the year when Trevisani is afraid of the Cavani monster; that moment when the mummy El Shaarawy awakens and goes to score at the San Paolo.
Halloween is coming and you have to be ready. For a fancy dress party, to make funny ones, to go around claiming sweets, to see the shops fill up with fake cobwebs and make-up and witch hats and various masks. Yes, but among the many which to choose? In this case the players make a scary assist. Starting from the little ones, obviously.


Cutrone - Cutromask

The Milan striker has been showing off his personal exultation for a few days: open hand and thumb under his nose for Cutrone, covering half of the face thanks to the other fingers and rebelling #cutromask his exultation, also proven by the Milan doctor. More frightened people: the other attackers of his age who feel unfinished because Cutrone scores a lot.


Dybala - Dybalamask

The Argentine had also launched a contest: he wanted to make his followers understand what that special exultation called "Dybalamask" meant. Mystery unveiled soon after: the 10 bianconero wanted to imitate a gladiator. To wear this mask you have to aim forefinger and thumb as if they were a gun, and then angle your hand and place it under your nose. More frightened people: the goalkeepers who see him return to the left.


Miccoli - Rey Mysterio

The former Palermo striker chooses wrestling and wears the mask of Mr. 619. The two are very similar, on the field and in the ring: low center of gravity, agile, impregnable. Miccoli also copied other wreslter exults and once said that Serse Cosmi is more dangerous than Rey Mysterio anyway. More frightened people: those who have faced Palermo from 2007 to 2013.


Defrel - T-shirt raised above the nose

For those who do not want to spend too much there is the Defrel option: to disguise yourself, raise the shirt up to the nose, leaving your eyes uncovered, then run mimicking a machine gun. More frightened people: those who meet him also in tandem with Quagliarella.

Dele Alli - Contorted Mask

The 2.0 version of the #DeleAlliChallange is the most difficult to wear mask: you have to contort your fingers and make an eye and leave the other fingers taut is a mess. Tutorials on YouTube also came to the rescue of the imitators, while other players tried to imitate the first version, born for a noble purpose. Probably only Dele Alli will be able to wear it. More frightened people: those who try to imitate him.

Aubameyang - Spiderman

The most masked player of all, however, remains Aubameyang: at the time of Borussia Dortmund, the striker has become the protagonist for goals and moments immediately following the goal thanks to his masked exultations. For example that of Spiderman.


Aubameyang + Reus - Batman & Robin

Why exult on your own with a mask when you can also involve one of your team mates and form the most feared couple from the criminals of Gotham City? Nobody wants to be Robin, but Reus is.


Aubameyang + controversy - Nike Mask

She is the third and last mask of Aubameyang, who after a goal wore it as a result of a commercial initiative by Nike, entitled "The Masked Finisher". More frightened people: the marketing staff of Borussia Dortmund, whose technical sponsor is Puma.


Baraye - Parma’s balaclava

Baraye at the beginning of 2016 has become the protagonist of a rather curious episode: first he was booked for simulation in the 19’ first half, then three minutes later, after scoring a half-reverse goal, he exulted pulling a Parma’s balaclava out of his underwear and thus remedying the second yellow. More frightened people: all the teams that have faced Parma from D to A, since Baraye is the only player still in pink to have taken part in the whole climb.


Janot - Spiderman Costume

Why limit yourself only to the mask? Do like Janot in Saint-Etienne-Istres of 2005! Obviusly no gol granted in that occasion.


Bonus - Orthopedic masks

Combine business with pleasure.