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Five football matches to watch this weekend

Delete all the meetings, there's the SuperClasico

Five football matches to watch this weekend Delete all the meetings, there's the SuperClasico

Have you checked the weather? Well, much of Italy is expected to rain (and it's the time, would dare to say someone), and then what better excuse to close at home and enjoy as many games as possible? For this weekend, as always, we have selected five not to be missed at all, although we are very sorry to have left out a classic like Ajax-Feyenoord, Lazio-Inter and many exciting matches of the Italian Serie B. Because this is not an ordinary weekend, but a concentrate of big match that will end only with the Monday night of the Premier League.


Borussia Dortmund-Hertha Berlin

when: Saturday 27/10 at 3:30 pm 

where: Westfalenstadion / Sky Sport

Until a couple of months ago we would have never said it, but today Borussia Dortmund is one of the most fun teams to watch in Europe, and also at the top of the Bundesliga. Yes, you got it right, Favre's squad are still unbeaten and they scored at least 3 goals per game, thanks to the performances of their many youngsters. The Saturday afternoon match against the positive Hertha of this first part of the season is ideal, also because we are sure that Sancho's play will not make us fall asleep.


Barcelona-Real Madrid

when: Sunday 28/10 at 4.15pm

where: Camp Nou / DAZN

On Saturday night we give you a break, but on Sunday afternoon you do not dare to miss the Camp Nou SuperClasico, the first of the season but above all the first without Messi and CR7 after more than a decade. Even considering the absence of the two stars (Messi got injured at the elbow), it is a match that have very high expectations, and clearly stimuli of all kinds. Barça, for example, to remain at the top of La Liga; Real, however, that of not sinking definitely to the 7th place and then leaving Lopetegui, who only has to win if he wants to save his bench.


Napoli-AS Roma

when: Sunday 28/10 at 8:30pm

where: San Paolo / Sky Sport

After the efforts of the Champions League, Naples and AS Roma will compete in the Serie A Sunday night match. A big match that obviously hides many meanings, first of all not to lose distance from the leaders, Juventus FC. Moreover, looking at the the last challenges between this two teams, we can see how completely unpredictable and often full of goals are. Insigne against Manolas, Dzeko against Koulibaly, Allan against De Rossi: we will definitely watch it, you can bet on it!


Olympique Marseille-PSG

when: Sunday 28/10 at 9pm

where: Velodrome / DAZN

Marseille seen against Lazio disappointed us a lot, and indeed PSG against Napoli. But Olympique Marseille-PSG is still a game with a unique charm, remaining the true classic of French championship even if the values ​​of the two teams in the field now a bit busted, in favor of the Parisians of course. OM, which a season ago was a step away from beating the hated enemies, can count on the heat of over 60k of the Velodrome: a show in the show.


Tottenham-Manchester City

when: Monday, 29/10 at 9pm

where: Wembley / Sky Sport

Did not you know what to do like every Monday of the year? No problem, there's the top clash of the 10th matchday of the Premier League: Kane & his teammates host at Wembley the Guardiola's Manchester City, leaders of the league together with Liverpool and still unbeaten. Even in this case you do not need real reasons to convince you to watch the match with taste, just see the level of the two teams, full of champions.