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Which Juventus player could really teach at University

Harvard bianconera

Which Juventus player could really teach at University Harvard bianconera

Juventus in Manchester behaved so well from a defensive standpoint that they brought Mourinho to say that "Bonucci and Chiellini should hold a university course at Harvard for how they defend". After this investiture, other Juventus players could leave Continassa to pursue an academic career. 

Cristiano Ronaldo - Social media marketing

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See you soon China! #CR7TOUR #NIKEFOOTBALL

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Cuadrado - Dance



“Cosa vuoi che sia sono andato al DAMS”


Dybala - Physics



First lesson: "How to calibrate a free kick without hurting players in the barrier or people in the stands".


Barzagli - History

One of the last World Champions in activity: was born the first football or Andrea Barzagli?

Matuidi - Medicine and surgery



In the middle of the field cuts and sews that is a beauty, probably it would work well even with a scalpel in hand. And anyway you could always say that you were operated by a World Champion.

Perin - Psychology


Suggested book: "How important is the psychology in the 11 meters", by Emiliano Viviano.

Khedira - Management

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Sono fiero di annunciare che ho appena prolungato il mio contratto con la @Juventus fino al 2021. Sin dal mio primo giorno in questa squadra ho provato una sensazione speciale e mi sono subito sentito a casa qui. Sono molto fiero di essere parte della grande storia della squadra e della famiglia Juventus. Abbiamo già vinto molti titoli nei tre anni che sono stato qui - ma voglio raggiungere ancora di più e abbiamo grandi obiettivi che ci attendono. Continuiamo a fare la storia bianconera! // I'm proud to announce that I just extended my contract at @Juventus until 2021. Since my first day at the club I’ve had a special feeling and it quickly felt like home here. I'm very proud to be a part of the great history of the club and of the Juventus family. We've already won a lot of titles in the three years that I've been here - but I'm still striving for more and we have big goals ahead of us. Let's continue to make black and white history! #FinoAllaFine #ForzaJuve

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Khedira helps the young Juventus Under23 students to better manage the forces in midfield, then reach the top in the goal.


Pjanic - Architecture



He designs actions and draws lines of passage, he realizes beautiful things and everyone wants it in their studio. A house designed by Pjanic would be very important to doors (withpiles and crosspieces) and corridors (with panicfull defenses).


De Sciglio - Nursing Sciences

For the joy of all fanta-trainers/students.