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Signature move: Nainggolan's tackle

Aka the Ninja's sliding kick

Signature move: Nainggolan's tackle Aka the Ninja's sliding kick

As a child, more or less all the boys of my generation have witnessed a wrestling match on TV at least once. WWE was very fashionable, I also remember playing cards, maybe if I take a look I can find them again. And on some of those cards there were those wrestlers who made history: Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Bokeer T, Kurt Angle, I tried to imitate them with the PlayStation game and at the end I could, at home it was more difficult, with that "dont try this at home" that already inspired little trust in your means.

Every wrestler, however, had his final move, his finisher. What when the match began knew that there would be, sooner or later (more then than before, otherwise who looked at the whole match). When there was Rey Mysterio, for example, you knew with certainty that sooner or later he would hang on the ropes and make the 619. Similarly, when Nainggolan enters the field, you know with certainty that sooner or later (in this case without indications of time) will make a tackle. What then, in the end, looking at it well it looks like a 619 made without ropes. Nainggolan launches into the void, hits and pulls himself up. He only lacks a belt to lift, because otherwise he would be a perfect wrestler.

To describe this finisher in short, however, just say that the Nainggolan’s tackle is that thing that he goes to the ground without the ball and when he stands up instead is his.

A mathematical fact and certain, despite the shirts that change: the Ninja continues to ninjing a little everywhere and has always done. He has a recognizable character, on and off the pitch. He could also replace Ryan Reynolds in the next Deadpool, or at least be his stunt-man. He could do a little of everything, and more or less he does it in the field: he occupies any area, looking for doors to throw down or balls to shoot. In tackle, of course.



Difficulty coefficient: 9/10

The difficulty must be quite high, because no one continually makes a tackle like his. Nainggolan harpoons the ball with his heel, something that makes his slide very unique and recognizable. Taking it with the heel allows it to immediately pivot on the heel, to get up quickly without practically even having gone completely down. And to reverse the action in a matter of seconds. Here we see him chasing the ball as the most hungry man in the world would chase the last apple in the world. Unfortunate who is to have it between his feet at that time.


Aesthetics: 7/10

Nainggolan’s tackle is not that beautiful thing and intact as a goal in reverse or an imperious head. Nainggolan’s tackle is still a tackle, so dirty and angry. The Belgian, however, manages to make it look like an almost clean gesture, so much is the precision with which it performs; manages to make it look like a technical gesture almost beautiful, so much is the grace with which it goes down, slow motion, while the opponent still did not realize that now has lost the ball.



What does it look like

Nainggolan's tackle recalls an excavator. He takes one thing here and moves it there, without anyone being able to resist. He grabs it, holds it, discharges it. According to the Neapolitan grimace, if you dream of a construction crane it means that "you will receive from a person help that will improve your position". A little what happens if you have Nainggolan in the team.


Soundtrack: Numb - Linkin Park

The song in the background, that is to say the one that hears Nainggolan in his ears while throwing himself on the ball. A gesture of chllange, Nainggolan’s tackle. A demonstration of strength very useful to the cause: I am stronger than you and I will take what is yours. The law of the jungle.

By becoming this all I want to do
me be more like me and be less like you

Now we are in a childhood climate, so the official video of Numb can only be the one with Dragon Ball Z:


Possibility of emulation: 3/10

Is Nainggolan's technical gesture repeatable by us mortals? Yes, you can try. But on Friday evening the risk of breaking yourself or breaking something is high, as well as to get really bad by trying a slip on the asphalt.
In summary, don’t try this at home.