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Playlist: the top songs from FIFA's soundtracks

From Kasabian to Childish Gambino: 10 years of great FIFA's soundtracks

Playlist: the top songs from FIFA's soundtracks From Kasabian to Childish Gambino: 10 years of great FIFA's soundtracks

There is a field, that of soundtracks in which, in the eternal battle between PES and FIFA, there is no doubt about who wins the prize.
FIFA takes it home in this comparison since '98, including in the game famous and less famous songs of artists coming literally from all over the world, more or less of any musical genre; often, among other things, songs and musicians have found in the inclusion in the game the highest peak of their popularity, or a revival of interest in them.

So, as a tribute to the game and the excellent choices in terms of music, here it is, a playlist consisting of only songs in the soundtrack, mostly (not all) hidden and forgotten germs. To make life difficult and more interesting I excluded the first titles of the franchise, which would have been full of ideas, and I focused on the last ten years of the game: from 2009 to 2019. 


1) 2009 // Damian "Jr. Gong "Marley - Something For You (One Loaf Of Bread)


There is no better way to start than with the vibrations of the Marley family. On the other hand, he immediately shows how the EA does not have problems inserting tracks with relevant socio-political messages, such as this passage about poverty, religion and struggle.


2) 2010 // BLK JKS - Lakeside


Do we have a South African rock band? No problem. The name of the group reads "Black Jacks" and for a few years they have been an international sensation. This track is simply a great piece: there are the distorted guitars, drums that reminds of the '60s, psychedelic choirs and a lot of atmosphere.


3) 2011 // Massive Attack - Splitting The Atom feat. Horace Andy


Choosing a song from FIFA 2011 was nearly impossible. In addition to my personal obsession with this particular incarnation of EA series, we talk about a soundtrack in which the Gorillaz, Black Keys, Mark Ronson, LCD Soundsystem, Charlotte Gainsbourg and other thousand lesser-known names are all intertwined ( almost) with incredibly catchy tunes. In the end, the Massive Attack make the finish line with this incredible song.


4) 2012 // Cut Copy - Where I'm Going


Before the Alt-J let became fashionable a name taking inspirations from the keystrokes of a PC, the Austrians Cut / Copy dedicated themselves to this pleasant and effective indie / dream-pop: in addition the album "Zonoscope" from which it is treats the track has one of the most beautiful covers of recent years.


5) 2013 // Cali - Outta My Mind


The early '10s are the explosion of hipster culture, indie pop and other unpleasant things; practically all the songs and related videos of this year of the game follow this false line, see / hear to believe. To protest then from FIFA 2013 here is the American Cali, with a song and a voice that seem out of the last century, for intensity, tones and arrangements.


6) 2014 // David Dallas - Runnin'


It is almost superfluous to specify how well the title of this track is appropriate for a game made up of 90% of the action of running. In addition, however, the track of David Dallas is really a great job, with a refined champion, a decidedly solid flow expressed by the New Zealand rapper and a refrain that makes anyone want to give up the controller and go running in the street with a true ball.

7) 2015 // MPB4 - Agiboré (Marky's Ye-Mele Refix)


It is absolutely impossible to listen to this piece and not immediately imagine a freestyle performed in a field of land in a Brazilian favela, in the middle of a neighborhood that smiles and shakes the basin in time. Absolutely impossible.


8) 2016 // Bomba Estéreo - Soy Yo

We stay in South America for a moment, but for good reason, one of the most powerful refrains of recent years. Do you remember that Future's Mask Off definitively cleared the flute in hip-hop? This intuition has a lot to do with South American music and culture, in which wind instruments have been an essential part since ancient times: wind instruments and percussion, especially in Colombia, the birthplace of Bomba Estèreo, are the foundation of music before the arrival of European settlers.


9) 2017 // Jack Garratt - Surprise Yourself


Let's go back to the boreal hemisphere, in England precisely, with the multi-instrumentalist and singer Jack Garratt, and a nice piece of pop mixed with very refined indie sounds.


10) 2018 // Mura Masa - Helpline ft. Tom Tripp


It was virtually impossible to choose between The xx, Lorde, The War On Drugs, Run The Jewels, Slowdive, The National, Tash Sultana, Rex Orange County, many others: after all, we are close to closing the list, and an adrenaline rush is good. Mura Masa came up with it.


11) 2019 // Childish Gambino - Feels Like Summer


Another decision-making nightmare for this year's edition, including Courtney Barnett, Ghali, Tom Misch, Gorillaz, Death Cab For Cutie and others. But one could not but choose "Feels Like Summer" by Childish Gambino. That’s because FIFA continues to be one of the best ways to turn off the brain and pretend it's summer, after lunch, on vacation from school, with no thought in the world but to win the Champions League with Bari.


Loyalty bonus: Kasabian - L.S.F.

Writing this list I realized that probably the English Manchester City fan band holds the record of appearances: present in 2004 (year of L.S.F.), 2009, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2017.