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Masterpiece or trash? The new Zamora CF third kit

Is this the worst shirt of the year?

Masterpiece or trash? The new Zamora CF third kit Is this the worst shirt of the year?

In Spain in the last years we have seen all kinds of jerseys: the one with the broccoli pattern of La Hoya Lorca, the one covered with slices of Iberian jamon of Guijuelo, that of Lugo inspired by the Galician octopus and the smoking shirt of the Cultural Leonesa just to do some examples. Many small teams have decided to customize their kits too much to obtain some popularity even outside of the country. The latest provocation, in chronological order, is that of third division club of Zamora CF, which yesterday evening presented the new third shirt at the Ramos Carrion theater: a fantasy absolutely never seen before that he inevitably became famous immediately, causing a series of diametrically opposed feedbacks about the new creation.

On the third kit of the Zamora, produced by Kappa, a real circulatory system was reproduced, with the team's logo in place of the heart and also a series of veins and arteries (red and white as the club's social colors) intertwined between them and branched throughout the body. One of the most important details is the one on the back of the shirt, where there's the phrase 'La sangre, ese líquido rojizo que transporta vida por nuestro cuerpo, que nace y fluye del corazón para alimentar nuestras emociones y sentimento'. Shortly, the message is very clear even if you do not know the Spanish well: this prototype of anatomy just want to show how a Zamora fan is pervaded by the passion for his club. On the other hand, this is also reiterates by the campaign's motto: 'Vestimos como sentimos. Sangre, sudor y lágrimas'. We still do not know if it will be a hit, but surely this unusual kit will be remembered for a long time because of its peculiarity and risks becoming a must have for collectors all over the world.