LeBron James is the favorite to win the fifth MVP title of his career.

The NBA General Managers say this in the annual survey which is carried out at the beginning of the season. James received 30% of the votes, Kevin Durant 27% while on the bottom step of the podium is Anthony Davis with 17%. LeBron received the highest number of votes for eight categories, considering that GMs could not vote for one of their players or their team the fact that they received 97% of the votes on who will be the player who will have the greater impact this year makes us understand how much respect LeBron can boast within the league.

For the thirteenth time in his career in the NBA (16 years) he was voted the best small forward in the league receiving 57% of the votes against 40% of KD.

We often stress the strength, the mentality and the class of LeBron but we must never forget that The Chosen 1 is also one of the most intelligent players who have ever trod a parquet. In fact he was first choice also as a player with the highest basketball QI (70%), more versatile player (63%), player that forces opposing coaches to make the most adjustments (60%), best passer (50% ) and best leader (30%).

The most voted: LeBron James The NBA General Managers have crowned the King once again | Image 0

The GM also think that young Lakers players are able to make a good impact this year too, and perhaps especially thanks to the presence of LeBron. Brandon Ingram and Kyle Kuzman the most mentioned but also Lonzo Ball will not be underestimated.