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The new FC Barcelona crest

We are only waiting for the members approval

The new FC Barcelona crest We are only waiting for the members approval

***UPDATE***: the idea to choose a new logo that has been proposed a few weeks ago and that had to replace the current one starting from next season, has been blocked for the moment. It had to discuss about it during the last Barcelona's members general assembly but it was postponed, thus leaking the success of the popular disappointment regarding the changes that regards the elimination of the letters FCB. As stated by President Bartomeu it will be discussed again, but in the future.

It was one of the primary goals of the FC Barcelona strategic plan because the company continues to grow more and more in every sense: we are talking about the launch of a new crest, however, it is very similar to the previous one. No revolutions, therefore, as happened for example with the line adopted by Juventus a few months ago. What was popular yesterday is the prototype of the 11th different logo of the history of the Catalans club, but the symbols are always the same: the city, Barcelona; the region, Catalonia; the colors, the yellow-red at the top right (but darker) and the blue-garnet at the bottom; the Sant Jordi cross in the upper left corner and the old game ball. The shape of the badge will remain intact, while inside, it will proceed to a slight simplification: the internal lines will disappear and above all the letters FCB too, the acronym of Futbol Club Barcelona.

Barça has considered that the evolution of the badge was necessary since from 2002 (the date of the creation of the current logo) there have been many corporate changes: many titles, many different protagonists but above all a remarkable expansion outside the national borders. The project was realized by the Summa branding company, and in particular by the graphic designer Josep Maria Mir. After the Board Director approved it now only the approval from the partners is missing, which should arrive on October 20th to allow Barcelona to play with the new logo from the 2019/2020 season.