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Five football matches to watch this weekend

London derby and a special match in Campania

Five football matches to watch this weekend London derby and a special match in Campania

There's something more annoying than that moment when you, on Friday, are completely unprepared on the weekend's sports schedule? We decided to remedy and offer you a short reminder of the matches not to be missed, so you do not have to say 'I didn't know' when your friend on Monday morning will ask if you saw the goals of the tremendous 3-3 of the top game of the week just played in the Bundesliga. And remember that now the football fills weekends beginning from the Friday night games and end with the Monday Night.




when: Friday 21st at 21:00
where: 'Ciro Vigorito' stadium / DAZN / Rai Sport

We start in chronological order from tonight's match: are you planning to stay at home all Friday night because you could not find the volition to go out after a busy week? At 9pm there's the Campania derby between Benevento and Salernitana that you can't miss, be offered by both DAZN (hoping that it's service do not crash yet!) and from RAI Sport. The best way to start heating the sofa in view of the following days, between a Nocerino's tackle and a Djavzn Anderson's race.


Hoffenheim-Borussia Dortmund

when: Saturday 22nd at 15:30
where: Wirsol Rhein-Neckar-Arena / SKY Sports

Let's move on to Saturday, what has now become the new Sunday given the density of football games across Europe: if you do not care to follow the Premier League or the Italian Serie B, at 3:30pm SKY Sports offers you a tasty Hoffenheim-Borussia Dortmund. The clash between the two German teams back from the their Champions League matches could easily ensure a lot of goals, the best way to avoid falling asleep. Nothing against the team coached by Nagelsmann, but our personal focus is on the BVB's youngsters, all over Jadon Sancho.



when: Saturday 22nd at 18:00
where: 'Artemio Franchi' / SKY Sports stadium

There's just the time of a short snack and with a simple switch of the remote control (or for the most geeks, the time to look for a new channel in streaming) you can immediately fly to the Franchi stadium in Florence where Fiorentina and SPAL are expected for Saturday afternoon's match. A unique opportunity to understand if the two teams really deserve the points already obtained in the actual Serie A standings and especially how your fantacalcio's idols are behaving. And also, in these times, is always a pleasure to see Federico Chiesa at work .


West Ham-Chelsea


when: Sunday 23th at 14:30
where: Olympic Stadium / SKY Sports

2.30pm is the perfect schedule to combine a good morning sleep and a respectable Sunday lunch. Then, we were in you, we would connect without hesitation on SKY Sports for the London derby between West Ham and Chelsea. Will the Hammers manage to win the first home match of the season? Will Maurizio Sarri (who in the meantime has been stuck in Greece with his guys due to weather conditions) be able to bring 6 consecutive victories in this Premier League start, remaining at the top of the league? Certainly, it will be a great show already imagine the environment of the venue and of the fans of the two teams. And then, for the fanatics, there's also the Fantasy Premier League to follow.


Olympique Lyon-Olympique Marseille


when: Sunday 23th at 21:00
where: Stade des Lumières / DAZN

Are you still not satisfied after seeing the highlights of the goals of half of European leagues? DAZN at 9pm gives you the chance to enjoy the challenge of two high-ranking French clubs like Lyon and Marseille. The Genesio' terrible young squad on one side (we will never tired of saying it, Depay, Fekir, Aouar, Ndombele & Co drive us crazy), back from the win against Man. City, on the other one the Rudi Garcia's boys including Payet, Thauvin and Caleta-Car, very cool too. We would say that this is enough to feed the hype and refuse the usual Sunday night pizza with friends. Courage that tomorrow is Monday again.