It would be useless for me to say how much time I spend watching NBA bloopers videos on YouTube, so I won't. But if I did, not only you would understand how much time I lose watching absurdity on YouTube and I would not make a good impression, but above all I would risk a reprimand from my employers. It will happen anyways, as soon as this article is published. 

Regardless of personal matters, yesterday I found that I wasn't the only one to think that the absurdities in the NBA deserve a place of honor, not only in the heart of everyone, but also in the history of the game. Zach Lowe, ESPN journalist, in his podcast, suggested that the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame should even build a wing dedicated to the absurdities that happen in the NBA.

The most absurd league in the world The worst of the NBA | Image 0

The absurdities that the NBA manages to pump out are practically endless, both on and off the hardwood. Fortunately, thanks to social media, we have reached a higher level and the amount of nonsense has increased exponentially. On, Zach Lowe takes the matter very seriously and also draws the rules to enter this imaginary Wing of Absurdity. Lowe focuses on the recent history of the NBA, putting together quite a bit of nonsense and asking readers for help. So if you have something to suggest, do it and contribute to the beauty of the absurd.

Starting from the list of Zach, we have chosen the 5 most absurd absurdities, we offer them in random order, impossible to draw a ranking.


1. “The Banana Boat”

Just seeing 4 adults sitting on a floating banana it's funny, but if then the 4 adults are in order Gabrielle Union, immediately behind a smiling Dwayne Wade, to follow an amused Chris Paul and to close a LeBron James not really at ease, if we want to read the body language. Apparently, however, we missed the best part, according to Union, the banana would have overturned throwing them overboard. Zach said:

"If you wanted to name this imaginary wing after the banana boat, I wouldn't argue. It should at least exist as an installation surrounded by velvet rope. This is the iconic image of the postmodern NBA."

The most absurd league in the world The worst of the NBA | Image 1


2. "The Cinnamon Challenge"

When two of the most sublime minds in basketball history meet there is little to laugh, or much, it depends. The fact is that JaVale McGee and Nick Young used to play together in Washington, proved themselves in the Cinnamon Challenge. The challenge was to eat a spoon of cinnamon and try not to throw up. By the way Swaggy P. won the challenge. In our gallery Zach suggests placing a monitor that loops the challenge, we agree. 


3. "Swaggy P Celebrates"

When words aren't needed. Painting with this image, immediately. In case you lived on Uranus and you do not know this moment of absolute beauty / ugliness you can remedy it here.

The most absurd league in the world The worst of the NBA | Image 2


4. "The Coach’s Corner"

The permanent collection should also include a section dedicated to coaches. The following are two high-level moments. Jason Kidd who explicitly asks one of his players to push it while holding a glass in his hand, so as to stop the game for a while because of the liquid spilled on the court. A moment of infinite sadness and absurdity. The second moment is when Mike Woodson showed up on the bench without eyebrows, even here a nice picture would be great.

The most absurd league in the world The worst of the NBA | Image 3


5. "Italians do it better"

To close this wonderful roundup of crap we chose a son of our mother country, Andrea Bargnani. A scene worthy of the best episodes of Benny Hill, Andrea who loses his man in defense and starts to run in circles, not understanding the rest of nothing. Wonderful.


With the hope that Zach Lowe's suggestion will be welcomed by the Hall Of Fame, we also invite you to report the most beautiful absurdities of the most absurd league on the planet, the NBA.