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CR7 and Stanley Kubrick in the same room

A psycodesign that mixes Juventus and "The Shining" by FOKOHAELA

CR7 and Stanley Kubrick in the same room A psycodesign that mixes Juventus and The Shining by FOKOHAELA

If it can be written or thought, it can be filmed

Maybe Jason Lee - designer of the independent brand FOKOHAELA - changed a little bit the Stanley Kubrick's quote when he imagined a football shirt that celebrates the greatest director of all time and the best (maybe!) footballer alive. This psychedelic design is a loving ode to the movie The Shining and to Cristiano Ronaldo and Juventus, it is. As in all FOKOHAELA's designs, beauty lies in the details and in the discovery of all hidden quotations. The first hidden reference is in the name REDRUM RONNIE: "redrum" is the anagram of the word "murder", the word used by Stephen King in his novel The Shining, adapted cinematographically in 1980 by Stanley Kubrick.


For the other hidden messages, we have to look at the design. The hallucinogenic pattern mixes Juventus black & white colorway with the Tricolore, a clear reference to the Old Lady's dominion over the Scudetto. The references instead to Kubrick's masterpiece are the print of Jack Nicholson's psychotic smile on the underside of the shirt, the polka dot pattern on the collar and sleeves and finally the fake printed patch on the left sleeve with the famous phrase "All work and no play makes Ronnie a dull boy" and a maze as reference to the movie. The pattern inside the number is the same as the one in the iconic hotel that Kubrick chose as location.


The references are not limited to the movie, but also to Juventus' legacy and Cristiano Ronaldo. The fake sponsor NOYS is a citation of the SONY sponsor who camped on the bianconeri uniforms from 1995 to 1998. To the Portuguese champion instead is dedicated the fake patch of the Serie A with written CEE R7 and RON, while on the bottom left there is the ironic Legend-fit lettering instead of the dry-fit of the Nike uniforms. 

You can find REDRUM RONNIE shirt on FOKOHAELA's online store for 79 euros.