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The art of the throw-in

Thomas Gronnemark is the new Liverpool throw-in coach

The art of the throw-in  Thomas Gronnemark is the new Liverpool throw-in coach

There's a person in the Premier League who in the last few weeks has become a kind of mascot, because he has "the strangest job in football." The list of big purchases made by Jürgen Klopp's Liverpool features not only personalities with the likes of Naby Keita, Fabinho and Alisson, but also a lesser-known figure, still very important. Thomas Gronnemark, in fact, is the new Liverpool "Throw-In Coach", and if you think we're joking, you're way off. 

Mr Gronnemark, in fact, was approached last summer by Klopp himself, who heard about him from his previous work in the Danish league and the Bundesliga. Even though he confessed that he never knew about this job, the German coach realized how important Thomas could have been for Liverpool. Gronnemark, after all, holds the record for the longest throw-in - 51,3 metres - and has already helped a lot of player improving their performances. 

The former Danish bobsleigh team member - you've read it well - estimates that during a football match take place more than 40-50 throw-ins, which means that it's an important as well as underrated technical gesture. "If you expect a player to be perfect in his throw-ins without teaching him how to do them, I think you're very optimistic. Generally speaking, the quality level is very low. You can do a lot with a throw-in, not just by expanding the lenght of the throw, but also by learing how to throw in a quick and smart way, promoting a fast break and an offensive action, surprising the opponents." 

A few years ago, the real trend in the Premier League was the "Delap Move", which took the name from Stoke City defender Rory Delap, who was able to cross in the middle of the area from a throw-in, allowing very often his teammates to score. But Thomas Gronnemark's art is very different, much more studied - video sessions are frequent - and aimed at the best performance. Keep an eye on Liverpool's statistics to see if all this works.