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COP or DROP: Musa Barrow x Atalanta

Buying new talents is always risky, here's how things could go for the Gabonese forward

COP or DROP: Musa Barrow x Atalanta Buying new talents is always risky, here's how things could go for the Gabonese forward

Item: Musa Barrow

Brand: Atalanta BC

Made in: Gambia

Release date: 14/11/1998

Price: €6M


With the beginning of the new Serie A season upon us, we've decided to discover the new talents that could become the main figures of the next championship. Since the ruthless fantasy football auction si getting closer, we wanted to imagine some future scenarios for the new talents that could turn into the most envied 'cop' or into the player to 'drop' immediately. 

This time it's Musa Barrow's turn, Atalanta forward who at last season's end did some good things and who in the upcoming months will have to beat the competition of Duvan Zapata - or persuade Gasperini not to make him play - to prove his talent. What do you think, COP or DROP?  


Best Case Scenario: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang


It's hard not to let your imagination run wild when such a young player proves to have potential worthy of a future champion. Due to similarities in both technique and tactics, the first comparison that comes to mind is the one with Arsenal Gabonese forward, who made technique and speed his lethal weapons. We can just hope that Barrow will manage to reach 'Auba''s level and that will do it in our league. 


Worst Case Scenario: M’Baye Niang


To be honest, Musa Barrow seems to have what it takes to become a real disaster of Serie A. If we think of a negative scenario, though, it would be probably similar to the one of the former Milan and Genoa French forward, who was never able to reach the level everyone was expecting, despite occasional evidence of his potentially disruptive talent. Lost between the need to score and the urge to show off his technical abilities, Barrow's fate might be already sealed. 


Expected: Christian Vieri


In this regard, Bobone and Musa have (almost) nothing in common. The comparison, in our opinion, could be connected to the performance: Vieri was able to become a forward with 236 goals scored during his career thanks to his consistency. Even though he never reached the number of 30 goals, in fact, Bobo during his prime scored over 15, entering the TOP 30 of Serie A all-time goalies. Let's hope Musa will do the same. 


Fun Fact



If you think that all this hype is unnecessary, maybe you should know that during last season - which Barrow spent largely with the first team - the Gabonese forward was able to score 23 goals (with 7 assists) in just 18 matches with Atalanta Primavera. This brought his total result with the black and blue team to 39 goals and 8 assists in only 37 matches. Not bad.