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Seven news featured in FIFA 19

The EA Sports game is about to come back better than ever

Seven news featured in FIFA 19  The EA Sports game is about to come back better than ever

As the weeks go by, always more details about FIFA 19, the latest version of the most famous and richest football video game in the world, surface. There are many innovations in this edition, from the cover to the introduction of the most important global competition. We decided to round up the main novelties, in order to arrive prepared to September 28, the day when FIFA 19 will be launched for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. 


#1 CR 19


As we all know, since last year's edition the main star of the EA Games sports game has been Cristiano Ronaldo. Undoubtedly Ronaldo's recent moving must have caused a bit of a drama in the offices of the American software house, that had probably already put the Portuguese player on the cover of the game wearing a Real Madrid jersey. They are working quickly to solve the problem, by adding black brushes to turn the 'merengue' jersey into a Juventus one.


#2 The Champioooons

As mentioned before, this FIFA version has finally remedied to the lack of the previous years, that's to say the official license of UEFA international competitions. Now, though, thanks to the complete integration of Champions League and Europa League, the game is finally complete. As announced before, the Champions League will feature in a standalone version, as well as in the Career, the Journey and FIFA Ultimate Team.


3# Active System touch

Moving now to more gameplay-wise details, FIFA 19 introduces a renovated ball control system, with smoother movements and a deeper attention to the personality and creativity of the players. The creators of the game have declared that, among other things, you will be able to do a stop with the heel just like Neymar. As long as you don't roll on the pitch when you have the chance... 


4# Dynamic tactics 

All the FIFA pro gamers know that tactic is a fundamental part of the game - who's writing this has opted for a long time for a 4-3-3 ‘falso nueve’ - and in the 2019 version the strategy part will be even more important. New tactic attitudes will let the players personalize every situation to the fullest, changing also the team's mentality and style. 


5# 50/50 Battles

In the new reiteration of the EA Sports game, a new balance in physical contact between players has been included. In FIFA 18 less physical players might have been outmatched by stronger ones, while now also the weakest ones will have the chance to conquer the ball. To cut a long story short, you might win even if you are playing with Torreira's Arsenal.  


#6 Active Touch Feature 

This is one of the most interesting innovations of the game: players will have the possibility to press again on the shot button to get a more precise and powerful throw. Of course, also timing is quite fundamental since a different pressure on the button at the wrong moment might determine the reduction of scoring possibilities


#7 Real Player animation technology 

Have you always thought that Falcinelli's ball control wasn't portrayed in the right way? Now you can finally relax, because FIFA 19 contains an improved technology that captures movements and animations, with more realistic movements and more reactivity.