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Here's why you should be excited for LeBron at the Lakers

From business to NBA legend, James' signing with the Lakers could be the move of the century

Here's why you should be excited for LeBron at the Lakers From business to NBA legend, James' signing with the Lakers could be the move of the century

“LeBron James, four-time NBA MVP, three-time NBA Finals MVP, fourteen-time NBA All-Star, and two-time Olympic gold medalist has agreed to a four years, $154 million contract with the Los Angeles Lakers.”

This news, published by agency Klutch Sports in the night between Sunday, July 1, and Monday, July 2, is destined to become part of NBA history, as much as Michael Jordan’s famous “I’m back”. And so, after weeks of speculations, rumors - and also a good part of fake news - that followed the end of the NBA Finals, the Chosen One dispelled every doubt, confirming what many people thought, many hoped and the Cleveland Cavs feared. From the next season, LeBron James will wear the purple and gold jerseys, trying to bring the Los Angeles Lakers - the second highest-winning franchise in the league - back where they deserve.

LBJ’s signing with the coolest team in the NBA can be surprising in some ways but opens the doors to a series of scenarios that should make the 2018/2019 season way more interesting and entertaining than the one that has just ended. There are various reason why you should look forward to the Opening Night of the next season and we decided to write you down a bunch of them, just to raise the hype. #LABron is coming!


#New time zones, old rivals

Being a random chart, the first matter that comes to my mind is the context of the James-Lakers wedding. The Akron native - that, btw, was praised with different tones than last times from Cavs owner Dan Gilbert - will face for the first time a season in a Western Conference team, after dominating the East for 15 years and leading his team to the finals for eight years in a row. Regardless of the teammates that he’ll have around him, the path to the championship will be very different from the Lakers shirt than the ones with Heat and Cavs. Different, and way more interesting/entertaining. 

Moreover, LBJ’s deal with the Lakers marks the return of the greatest rivalry in the league, the one with the Boston Celtics. If on one side, the Lakers will be back ‘on the map’ after a few years, on the other the Celtics will have a clear path to dominate an Eastern Conference deprived of its ‘dictator’ - with Phila and Indiana’s permission - facing their first season with fully-available Irving and Hayward.


#The City of… Legends

Among James’ new experiences, there will also be the fact to be part of a franchise that can praise some of the greatest legends of the game, just like that very Magic Johnson that brought James to LA in the first place. After being almost a deity in Cleveland - which has become an icon almost in the very moment he was drafted - and shared the hardwood with Miami Heat’s symbol (D-Wade), the Chosen One will wear a ‘heavy jersey’ and he will have to prove himself - so to speak - a legend of the franchise. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see how he’ll react to the challenge.




LeBron James’ arrival under the Hollywood Hills looks like the classic piece of the puzzle that perfectly fits with all the others around him. Firstly for basketball reasons, as the former Cavs will have the chance to lead the Lakers’ renaissance, as they haven’t seen a bit of offseason in the last five years. If we try to think for a moment about the kind of parterre de rois there could be for a Lakers game during the playoff, they could need an arena just for the stars.

Then, there’s the business matter, that surely had its importance within this new ‘Decision’. Everybody knows that most parts of LeBron’s off-the-pitch businesses are in LA. There’s one that we care more than others: it’s a movie, it has Bugs Bunny as co-protagonist and we’re waiting for it for twenty years. Any ideas?


#Not Over Yet

Of course, the four-time NBA MVP’s signing is just the first step for the Lakers, that will now have to guarantee him a performing supporting cast and - at least - another superstar. The hottest name is Kawhi Leonard’s, that seems determined in ending his relationship with the Spurs. I’m very curious to see how Magic Johnson will do to guarantee James the chance to play for the championship from the very first season and you have to be excited for the possibility to see both Bron and Kawhi on the hardwood with the same uniform.


#Big Ballers

As we said, when he will start his adventure with the Lakers, LeBron James will have to face the weight of the franchise legends and there are two which presence won’t be unnoticed: LaVar Ball and Lance Stephenson (LOL). In fact, the latter has just signed a one-year deal with the Lakers, becoming LeBron’s teammate for the first time since their beautiful ‘love story’ in the past few seasons. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, read this. If you do, you know why we’re happy.

The other massive name in the Californian franchise is LaVar Ball’s, the volcanic father of Lonzo. We talked about him as well and - if his son will still be playing for the Lakers at the beginning of the season - it will be interesting to see how he will manage his communication from now on. In fact, in the last month, LeBron has been one of the targets of his hazardous statements and LBJ won’t likely admit those kinds of comments now that is the new face of the Lakers.