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[WATCH] Nike releases Nigeria's documentary

"This is Naija: A Nigerian Football Story"

[WATCH] Nike releases Nigeria's documentary This is Naija: A Nigerian Football Story

 The Nigerian National Team is on the lips and on Instagram feeds of half the world thanks to the Nike shirt and all the hype in the streetwear community. But there is another face of Nigerian football - far from fashion and Instagram - made of passion and clay fields. With this spirit Nike has made the documentary This is Naija: A Nigerian Football Story, which tells the passion and the value that football has in Nigerian culture.

Directed by filmmaker Andrew Dosunmu, who also produced the 2006 feature The African Game, This is Naija captures the pulse of the country’s unbridled, optimistic and confident approach to football. The sport serves as a universal language to the diverse country with more than 500 different ethnic groups. Football provides a rhythm for daily life in the streets, the clubs, the markets and on the pitch, from the energy and chaos of Lagos to the wooded savannas of Abeokuta. The film, which includes interviews with legend Segun Odegbami as well as current players Odion Ighalo and Wilfred Ndidi, shares how the Super Eagles’ mission to bring Naija to the world takes shape.