After presenting the new home kit hours before the unfortunate Champions League final lost against Real Madrid (did someone say Karius?), Liverpool and New Balance Football unveiled… Fiorentina’s new away kit. In fact, for the 2018/19 season, the Reds have presented an unseen “deep violet” jersey with “alpha orange” details. Just to make it clear, the match with Viola’s shirt is far from depreciative. Fiorentina’s jerseys have always been awesome.

Liverpool's new away kit is violet For the next season, New Balance Football unveiled a “Deep Violet/Alpha Orange” jersey | Image 0

According to NB, the design of the new away kit for the English club is inspired by the architecture of the new Main Stand in Anfield Road, recently restructured and expanded to host even more supporters in the Liverpool arena. As we said, the shirt presents a purple section, with darker sleeves and lateral stripes. On the neck, there are two thin orange stripes, the same color used for the jersey and sleeves’ sponsors, New Balance branding and Liverpool’s crest. The “motto” of the new shirt is “This Means More”, that should represent Liverpool supporters’ preference towards the club and not the national team. So, no news here.

Liverpool “Deep Violet/Alpha Orange” new away kit, made by New Balance, is already available at