Every English football enthusiast knows perfectly how the Premier League that we know today is actually born in 1992 when the at-the-moment First Division parted ways with the Football League - that still controls all the leagues beneath the PL - creating what is currently the most entertaining and competitive football league in the world. In fact, so, even if the history of the English clubs started almost a century earlier, the inaugural season of the Premier League has been in 1992/93, when the counting of most of statistics about clubs and games started. Why are we telling you this? Because next Sunday six teams will celebrate their 1000th game in the new Premier League.

One thousand and counting On Sunday, six clubs will celebrate their 1000th game played in the Premier League | Image 0

We’re talking about Arsenal, Everton, Manchester United, Tottenham, Chelsea and Liverpool, the six clubs that never suffered relegation since the very 92/93 season, when everything started (at least statistically speaking). Having played 42 games in the first three season - until 1995 Premier League used to have 22 clubs - and 38 in the next ones, the ‘Bix Six’ will celebrate their game number 1000 in the English top-tier league. A little curiosity? The most winning team, of course, is Manchester United, which average position in these seasons has been 2.16. Without the last five seasons (including the current one), that is since when Sir Alex Ferguson retired, the average position of the Red Devils would be 1.52.