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Liverpool being Liverpool

This year, Liverpool managed to do what it does best: complicate its life.

Liverpool being Liverpool This year, Liverpool managed to do what it does best: complicate its life.

Let’s play a little game: if we should ask you to name the most hyped football club of the moment, which one would you say? We may be wrong, but we’re pretty sure that at least the half of you, or maybe more, would say Jürgen Klopp’s Liverpool. And you may just be right, as the Reds, led by the thunderous trio Salah-Firmino-Mane really was on fire in the last months, especially in the Champions League. It happened, though, that the massive performances in the European nights took some energies and attention from the Premier League and that now Liverpool is facing what it could turn in an unbelievable outcome: having to win the Champions League final no matter what in order to qualify for the next year’s one.


What’s happening

During the weekend, Liverpool played - and lost - the big match at Stamford Bridge against Chelsea, keeping the third place with 72 points, with a one-point lead over fourth-placed Tottenham and three points over the Blues, that is currently fifth. No problems yet, as the goal difference favors the Reds if they will even the points with Chelsea. There’s just a small detail: Klopp’s boys are the only ones with 37 games played, as all the other rivals have one less because of the FA Cup games - that have been played on Sundays - and they will catch up on Wednesday. So, what’s the story here? If Tottenham and Chelsea will both win their games, respectively against Newcastle and Huddersfield, Liverpool would find itself in the fourth place, 2 points behind the Spurs and with the same points as Chelsea, being forced to win the last game of the season at all costs.


The scenarios

Assuming the worst and hypothesizing Liverpool’s fifth place at the end of the season, Salah and his teammates would have all the pressure on the Champions League final against Real Madrid, that would become the only way to qualify for the next year’s Champions League. It goes without saying, missing the qualification would be a disaster for Liverpool, both sports and economically speaking. There’s a good news, though, as the last game of the season will see Liverpool playing at home against Brighton & Hove Albion, the team with the second-worst record away from home, with just 11 points in 17 games. Plus, the Reds are unbeaten at Anfield and they’ll face a ‘demotivated’ opponents, as Brighton already avoided the relegation.


Never say never

So, all seems to favor Klopp and Liverpool, that should get to participate at the 2018/19 Champions League. But as in football you should really never say never, we suggest you follow the last days of Premier League and if the unthinkable should ever happen, get the popcorns and beers ready for the CL final on May 26.