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Nike LeBron "Shox BB4"

As part of the LeBron Watch Program, King James pays homage to the great Vince Carter

Nike LeBron Shox BB4 As part of the LeBron Watch Program, King James pays homage to the great Vince Carter

This season LeBron James has rocked several player exclusive sneakers, inspired by classic athletes as part of Nike’s #LeBronWatch initiative. This allows fans to buy the player exclusives kicks during the game or within a few days after the game, an opportunity that wasn’t available to sneakerheads before. The first round of the NBA playoffs kicked off this past weekend with an embarrassing loss for the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavs suffered a pathetic 80-98 loss to the Indiana Pacers. This was the first time LeBron James has lost a first-round playoff game since 2012. But snapping a streak of 21-straight first-round victories didn’t stop LeBron from continuing to kill the shoe game.  

The silver lining to the night was LeBron James unveiled a new colorway and unreleased Nike LeBron 15. The new version pays tribute to Vince Carter’s iconic Nike Shox BB4. This was Vince Carter’s most infamous and unofficial signature model. Carter wore this model when he dunked over 7-foot-2 Frederic Weis in the 2000 Olympics. And just like that, the then famous ‘shox’ technology became infinitely more popular. The LeBron 15 “Shox BB4” perfectly replicates the original ‘Vinsanity’ sneaker. With it’s black upper and a grey bottom half, a toe box design and the royal blue heel holding the shoe’s unique cushioning style and Shox, the show pays proper homage to a legend. 

Nike hasn’t announced the release date for this particular colorway yet. While all five other colorways for this series have already been released, I’m assuming more special editions are going to be unveiled as the playoffs go on. Hopefully, The Cavs will survive long enough to even see all of the special edition colorways. It’s not looking good after getting crushed in Game 1. But then again LeBron James has done some of his best work when everyone doubted him.