Nike knows that football is something greater than just 22 people kicking a ball: it is culture, an obsession and a way to include people in a crew. This narrative is especially true in a city like Milan that is attracting people and communities from all over the country and the world. To celebrate the new vibe of the city Nike is launching the Brothers Of The World a series of short-movies, in which some of Milan’s most iconic personalities from the world of sport, music and street culture interpret the motto “Brothers of the World”. After the first episode with Inter's captain Mauro Icardi and the second one with Ilaria Bigg and Valeria Semushina, today we present two personalities from the sport and underground Milan's culture: Toni Brugnoli and Lyonne Dugo. Enojy their short movies here:

Lyone Dugo, class of 1996, basketball player.

"Our big family is Milan, we all share this city"

Toni Brugnoli, class of 1990, photographer.

""Brothers of the world is like pizza-kebab: when various culture come together to create new and unique flavour"

Brothers of the world is the Nike campaign that tells the contamination between football and the city's street culture through workshops, exhibitions, short-movies and football players. This short is the second of a series that you can follow exclusively on nss magazine, to tell the new international vibe of Milan.