It was the night of 9th of March 1908 when at restaurant "L'Orologio" in Milan, Football Club Internazionale was founded. That night, discussing around a table there was a group of dissident members of the other Milan team - the Milan Football and Cricket Club - who decided to leave the club and found a new one as opposed to the ban imposed by the Rossoneri property to recruit football foreign players. From that night on Inter Fc has attracted players from all over the world and has never abandoned its international vocation. For this reason, Nike has asked the current Inter captain Maurito Icardi a personal interpretation of the message "Brothers of the World", here you can see the exclusive video.

In the video, Inter’s captain wears a custom shirt, realized in collaboration with Nike, that will be sold during the Milan Design Week at Slam Jam and Nike Jersey Shop. On the shirt, you can spot the shape of Argentina, Icardi’s country, a big “M” on the back and a double shoosh on the chest. 

Brothers of the world E01: Mauro Icardi In an exclusive short movie, FC Inter's captain offers his own interpretation of the Brothers of the World motto | Image 0

Brothers of the World is a campaign by Nike that tells the crossover between football and street culture through workshops, exhibitions, short-movies, and played football. The short-movie with Mauro Icardi is the first of a series that you can follow exclusively on nss magazine, to tell the new international vibe of Milan. Besides Icardi, in the next videos will feature Sfera Ebbasta, the Slam Jam team, Valeria Semushina and many other actors of the Milanese cultural scene. Keep following us!