We need to talk about Inter and AC Milan. Inter gained 9 points in the last 10 games, while Milan has never lost in the last 11 games. The enthusiastic and dramatic analyzes have reversed the roles compared to the first round, where it was Inter who dreamed of the Scudetto and Milan to talk about Montella's sarcastic smile. Less enthusiasm and less depression: the teams are both scarce, both with ample room for improvement and both with two companies that have yet to be understood a little behind. The comparison with Napoli and Juventus on the other hand seems embarrassing: Juventus won a derby without Dybala, Higuain, Manzukic and Buffon, thanks above all to an alien who calls himself Douglas Costa. Napoli has diligently beat home the SPAL for 1 to 0, a bit disappointing as a result but luckily there was Sarri's outfit to pull us up. In the other European championships, it has been a fairly irrelevant weekend if you want to get an idea of the intensity of La Liga you can watch the Real Madrid-Betis synthesis.
Let's get to our business with the best gifs from this weekend.


Reus challenges physics



André Silva's hidden talent


Hamsik hit the corner flag


Neymar does whatever he wants


Hype Cengiz Under