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January transfer market best presentation videos

The real reason why we still love the mid-season transfer market

January transfer market best presentation videos The real reason why we still love the mid-season transfer market

In the last few years, the football transfer market has become a proper show, made by tv programs that have more spectators than political ones, intelligence actions worth of the CIA and - of course - tweets, posts, stories, and all that sort of stuff. And social media have become a fundamental part of the transfer market, especially when, after days/weeks/months of negotiations, the awaited moment to present the new player arrivals.

Now, we must be honest and say that this January transfer market session hasn’t been so interesting for Serie A, as the activity of our league has been almost null. Luckily, other teams kept the transfer market hype high, especially from the Premier League, and so we decided to focus on the real deal, asking the essential question: who made the coolest presentation video? There are quite some contenders, so we leave the choice to you.


Alexis Sanchez to Manchester United

We have to start with the Niño Maravilla, that after struggling with Wenger for the last few months decided to move to Northern England and sign for the Red Devils. And they gave him the warmest welcome with an epic video: the piano, the Old Trafford, Sanchez’s abs. Chapeau


Peter Hartley to Motherwell


Well, we have some proper genius here. The social department of the Scottish club has brilliantly reinterpreted United’s video, offering a low-budget version to present the permanent signing of #Pete6 (way better than #Alexis7) from Blackpool. Chapeau².


Vagner Love to Besiktas

We’re quite tired to tell you so: Besiktas is the team that the world deserves and also the one it needs. The umpteenth prove comes from the video that officializes the arrival of Vagner Love to Istambul. How can one not be moved?


Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to Arsenal


It probably is the biggest move of the month, together with Sanchez’s one, and surely the most striking one. And in fact, Arsenal, to present the Gabonese striker coming from Dortmund went down hard with music and graphic effect. 


Diogo Figueiras to Braga

Well, we really have to say something more? Enjoy it, alongside with the tweet exchange with Netflix Portuguese account. It’s beautiful (but Diogo Figueiras isn’t).