If recently it was a little bit harder to be sportly proud of being Italian, at least the Serie A is the only championship in Europe where there are at least 10 points between the first and second team. Napoli and Juventus are sailing towards a clash at the last that could be resolved on April 22nd at the Stadium. On their back, Lazio was stopped by a Milan in the image and likeness of Gattuso (bad but effective) and Rome abandons every Scudetto's ambition waiting for news from Dzeko, the only positive note is Alisson, the best goalkeeper in the league.
Let's start with the gifs, and we start from England, where there is a scary ginger boy that plays in midfield.


Kevin De Bruyne


That filthy little ginger.


How is VAR going for Lazio this season?


Everything according to the plan.


That aftergoal face

Yes, even the goal itself from Mertens isn't that bad. 


Paloschi citing Cassano

A great intellectuale dissertation from Alberto Paloschi: in 2004 Antonio Cassano broke down a corner flag in a Roma Juventus.


Kondo here, Kondo there


This is the same guy that was playing for Inter last year, now he offers a coffe to Casemiro and Modric in the same play.