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adidas Football unveiled the "Cold Blooded" pack

The new on-pitch pack by the Three Stripes will be worn by adidas footballers from next weekend

adidas Football unveiled the Cold Blooded pack The new on-pitch pack by the Three Stripes will be worn by adidas footballers from next weekend

Don’t hide. We perfectly know that you have maniacally refreshed nss sports website every five minutes, hoping to read the so awaited news, after that some footballers teased you for days, wearing their new boots on the pitch or during training. Well, the moment has arrived, as adidas Football finally unveiled “Cold Blooded”, the on-pitch pack that will substitute the “Skystalker Pack” on European leagues and cups’ pitches.

Under the spotlights there is, of course, the adidas Predator 18+ “Cold Blooded”, that after the launch colorway - and the “Lone Hunter” one that never saw the pitch - has arrived at its second official colorway. The “White/Red/Black” color combination strikes as love at first sight, blending one of Predator’s most classic colorways with modern design and techs. It has a white Forged Knit upper with black detailing and stripes, and a red top side that remembers the old Predator tongue. The 18+ has the innovative Purecut Laceless system, but we’ll also see the 18.1 version with classic lacing, other than the Cage and Street versions.


As part of the new “Cold Blooded” collection, adidas also presented the new version of the Nemeziz 17+, a new on-pitch colorway for the boot inspired by the taping technique. Le new Nemeziz presents itself with a “Triple Red” coat of varnish, with different tones that follow the silhouette of the AgilityBandage and TorsionTapes technologies. The top part of the upper is also red and features the laceless tech, while the soleplate is embellished with a metallic red effect. As for the Predator, the Nemeziz 17+ will also be sold in the “laced” 17.1 version, other than Cage and Street model. And, of course, it won’t be used by Leo Messi, that will receive a special Nemeziz Messi 17.1 silo.

The “Cold Blooded” protocol has obviously been applied also to the X 17+ Purespeed, that will be worn on-pitch starting from the next weekend. This adidas silo surely has the less striking design of the pack, but the “Cold Blooded” version of the X 17+ still remains an elegant boot, with white upper embellished with red detailing. The foot collar and the fore side of the soleplate are black, creating a classic and iconic color combination. The X will also have laceless 17+ and laced 17.1 versions, other than the Cage one.

Finally, adidas also released a new colorway for the COPA 18.1, as usual, the most classic silo of Three Stripes’ pack. The second colorway of the new COPA generation wears and elegant “Black/Red/White” suit and features an upper without any stitching on the k-leather, replaced by an inner skeleton-cage structure. As always, the COPA turns out to be the most comfort and performance-oriented silo, and that’s why many adidas footballers like it. 

The entire “Cold Blooded” pack by adidas Football, made by the Predator 18+, Nemeziz 17+, X 17+ Purespeed, and COPA 18.1, is available at