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Leeds United unveils new logo


Leeds United unveils new logo #BROFIST

Leeds United - one of the most fascinating clubs of football across the Channel - unveiled yesterday the new logo that will be used from 2018/2019 season, which also coincides with the centenary of the club. In the announcement on the Twitter account it was specified that the new logo was created after a six-month of reaserches and consulting more than 10 thousand people including fans, former players, representatives of local communities and graphic designers. This is the result:

The new crest replaces the old logo made of the classic Yorkshire rose and the LUFC letters. The new logo includes the whole club's name and takes the iconic Leeds greeting, which consists of two fists on the chest. Despite the old logo was quite ugly and surely antiquate, this one is quite embarrassing. The man inside the crest seems to be beheaded, the lines and the shading mix the colors polluting the social colors of Leeds (blue and yellow). It has a very American and not very British style, he looks like the crest of a football team from a high school or a California college. It also goes against every rule for a good rebranding that suggests simple lines and design: for example the Juvetnus' rebranding has been much discussed, but from a professional point of view it is unassailable. 


The new Leeds United logo will start appearing on the club's kits in 2018-19 and onwards, but Twitter doesen't wait that much to critize the logo: