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5 crazy shirts from the Japanese J League

Reason to follow the J League: the psychedelic designers

5 crazy shirts from the Japanese J League Reason to follow the J League: the psychedelic designers

Japanese football has always kept a certain charm, despite the technical level has always been mediocre, not to mention painful. The magical aura around the J League has remained thanks to the intriguing aestetich that encloses the two souls of Japan: the futuristic - and a bit dystopian - one of the thousand sponsors on the shirts, similar to the neon signs that crowd the streets of Tokyo, and that of the traditional one, elegant and sober of the textile and artistic culture of the Rising Sun. These two natures cohabit also in the national team's shirt for the World Championship - in my opinion, the most beautiful among the jerseys that will go to Russia - and will see again in the new jerseys of the J league 2017-18 which will start again on February 24th.
Here I selected the five most beautiful and Japanese jerseys to date.


Jubilo Iwata - PUMA

The bird that dominates the Jubilo Iwata t-shirt is the black-tailed flycatcher, symbol of the Shizuoka Prefecture, the Iwata region. Do you know who will wear this shirt with the number 10 on his shoulders? Shunsuke Nakamura, ex-velvety foot of Reggina and Celtics. If you want to give me a gift I send you my address.

Vote: 9


Yokohama F. Marinos - Adidas

Although I miss the reason for their motto "Pride of Tricolore", the Marinos T-shirt by Yokohama perfectly frames the most classic taste of Japanese t-shirts. Blue is perfect, it really looks like the sea of Tokyo Bay.

vote: 7


V-Varen Nagasaki 2018 - Hummel

Hummel goes to Japan and makes the most beautiful t-shirt of the 2017-18 season. I refer to Nagasaki's second V-Varen shirt, white with fire fantasy and the hummel logo. The Unicef sponsor on his shoulders closes the circle of a shirt destined to become a myth. Already last season, Hummel had created a beautiful shirt, you saw it in the cover photo.

vote: 9.5


Sanfrecce Hiroshima - Nike

I would like to talk about the shirt, but here is a more important question: why a Japanese team is called Sanfrecce? The crasis between San ("three" in Japanese) with the Italian word arrows is based on a medieval Japanese myth. The medieval lord Mōri Motonari asked his sons to first break a single arrow (which he can easily) and then three together (which is more difficult to do), thus demonstrating that unity makes strong.

vote: 6+


Shimizu S-Pulse - PUMA

 he one-time AFC Champions League winner (2000) new primary shirt commemorate the 5th anniversary of Mt. Fuji being named a World Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO. The milestone is celebrated with a print of the mountain on the lower back of the jersey for the first time. A tonal map of Asia appears on the front of the kit in Shimizu S-Pulse tradition.

vote: 8-