If on your futsal or fantasy football WhatsApp group your Premier League-fan friends are sending Jurgen Klopp's pics from last night, well for once he has the right to do it. At Anfield Road, it was played a second time between Liverpool and Manchester City similar to Mad Max Fury Road, with Salah, Firmino and Mané who quickly forgot Coutinho, flew to Barcelona. The Premier League is still not in doubt: the City lost for the first time in the season but remains a team significantly stronger than any other. In Spain the Liga has just ended: Real Madrid is closer to the relegation zone than to Barcelona first, who knows all those who wrote pieces on the power of Real at the beginning of the season. In Ligue 1 they understood that it is not right to bet on football to get noticed, scroll down below to see what happened.


WHAT A GAME: 3 for 1, choose your goal





Good reason to still follow Ligue 1, I

The referees.


Good reason to still follow Ligue 1, I

5 gifs from the weekend - Erasmus edition Without Serie A, we cuddled with spanish lobs and Liverpool's vibe | Image 0

When PSG is not playing...


Spanish lobs




Fornals at Santiago Bernabeu.