If we’d ask you to name the first name that came to your mind looking for an association with the NBA, your answer would most likely be Drake. That’s because the Canadian rapper, other than being the “global ambassador” for the Toronto Raptors - the team from his hometown - has also friendly relationships with several NBA superstars, including “His Majesty”, LeBron James. A demonstration of that? This morning, Drake posted a picture on his Instagram profile wearing an old Irish jersey - aka, St. Vincent-St. Mary, LBJ’s high school - of course with the number 23. A huge honor, right? 

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But, as noticed by ESPN reporter Jovan Buha, on the rapper’s arms seems to be a tattoo that could make the old LeBron James pal unhappy. It’s the number 30 and the number 35, uniforms number of Steph Curry and Kevin Durant, two players that even if surely esteemed by the Chosen One, are also the guilty ones for his last defeats at the NBA Finals. The pic is not so clear, but on Drake’s arm really seems to be the two numbers, with two writings beneath. Conspiracy?

Not at all, as a while later arrived the confirmation from another ESPN reporter, Nick DePaula: “Yep. "30 Gifted" & "35 Snipe." He got the Steph one first and added KD later”.

So, maybe this won’t become a “case” (probably), but we’re wondering how LeBron will be happy about this. Maybe he doesn’t care, as long as Drake keeps sending him his new tracks before their release.