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Hector Bellerin, fashion victim

The Arsenal's defender is the hypest footballer in the streetwear scene

Hector Bellerin, fashion victim The Arsenal's defender is the hypest footballer in the streetwear scene

The FA Cup is one of the most beautiful and exciting traditional national competitions in Europe. The only tournament that offers a real chance for the category teams to clash against the big clubs of the Premier and try to ruin their day. Sometimes it happens, like yesterday, when Arsenal was knocked out of the cup by the Nottingham Forrest - currently 14th in Championship (the English b series) - with a heavy 4 to 2. Arsenal has deployed reserves for the nine elevenths of the team, with many of the owners who have not even been called up. One of them, on the day of the match was sitting next to Travis Scott in the front row on the chairs of the front row of one of the London fashion week fashion shows, he is Hector Bellerin.

As you can imagine, many Arsenal fans did not take the news very well. The Sun charged the story by counting the prices of the spanish defender's outift: three thousand euros, between pants and a Fear of God jacket and the Balenciaga Triple S white trainers.

Bellerin has never hide his passion for fashion and above all his attitude to the catwalk seems to perfectly embody the contemporary relationship between the world of football and that of fashion. In various interviews Bellerin recounted her life as she arrived in London at the age of 16. Despite the hard work on the field, his life resembled that of an offspring with money that discovers for the first time the City, maybe yes coming out a little 'less than the peers but still breathing the creativity and the trends of London. His style has been shaped by streetwear brands - Jordan and Off-White above all - and his relationship with fashion has always been very personal and undemanding, despite his footballing notoriety.

In the last two seasons, Bellerin has become one of the three strongest Arsenal players, and on Sunday he scored the equalizer in the incredible game against Conte's Chelsea. PUMA has chosen him as a testimonial for the Atomic Blue campaign, with a very street inspiration and a look at the East London Johnny Depp.


The main difference with the players who were into fashion in the '90s and' 00s is the degree of awareness that Bellerin towards style and brands. When he goes to a fashion show in London, he is not the player who goes to see fashion, but it is Hector Bellerin, a boy who works for Arsenal and likes fashion shows and streetwear brands.