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Things that happened during Arsenal-Chelsea

For those who were distracted by the derby of Turin

Things that happened during Arsenal-Chelsea For those who were distracted by the derby of Turin

People often say that the Premier League is the most beautiful, rich, and spectacular football league in the world, but is it so? Well, yes. Not mentioning the context - the stadiums, the characters, the people - what happens in an average Premier game is usually way more fun than in any other league. Leave it when the game is a classic big match like Arsenal-Chelsea.

Yesterday night, while the Italian television was broadcasting Juventus-Torino, with the usual Italian controversies, at the Emirates Stadium in London there was what it could’ve easily called an announced show. Other than having two top-class coaches, as a matter of fact, Arsenal and Chelsea were (and still are) so far away from the front-runner Man City, that they have been able to play an open match. The tiredness - it was the fifth game in 15 day - did the rest. But let’s proceed with an order.


Welcome back, Jack!


We all know about Wilshere’s descending career, as well as all the injuries that made it happen. After suffering during the loan at Bournemouth and in the Gunners’ youth teams, Jack came back in Wenger’s starting XI and yesterday scored the first Premier League goal in a long long time.


Handsome Bellerin

Well, not him! But evening a game out in the extra time is always the best, right?


Even if…

Even if Arsenal tried to lose in every way. Luckily for them, Morata had his head in the clouds and Zappacosta was listening to the Turin derby on the radio.


Talking about Morata


Yesterday night, Alvaro must’ve had his mind busy thinking about his beautiful wife Alice. Can we blame him? Conte probably can.


Love is in the air


It was a night of loving Spanish, as also Fabregas decided to show all his love for Alexis Sanchez. Or it was just a tactical block?


Double post

Probably, though, the Chilean mind was still full of curses. Previously, Sanchez got to make the classic post-line-line-line-another-post-goalkeeper. Proper bad luck.


Believe, always believe

An important life lesson: if you want something, just write it down on a paper and bring it with you all the time.