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Nike presents Sergio Ramos' Tiempos "Corazón y Sangre"

The Andalusian defenders joins an exclusive Tiempo club with some legends like Ronaldinho, Totti, and Pirlo

Nike presents Sergio Ramos' Tiempos Corazón y Sangre The Andalusian defenders joins an exclusive Tiempo club with some legends like Ronaldinho, Totti, and Pirlo

Right now, the habit of having signature shoes - branded boots for some footballers - is well radicate in football world too. Most of the times, though, the most spectacular players get all the benefits from that, those who score tons of goals or make the most beautiful dribbling. Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Griezmann, Neymar and so on. Today, though, to enter in the exclusive club of people which had a pair of the legendary Nike Tiempo dedicated to himself is a defender. Or better, THE defender: Sergio Ramos.

We’re talking about a strong endorsement by Nike, that until now only dedicate Tiempos to legendary players like Ronaldinho, Totti, and Pirlo. But Sergio Ramos is no ordinary defender, as his stunning athletic abilities and his perfect aerial timing made him a determinant factor in all Real Madrid’s latest victories. This predilection of him for late goals is also brought on the boot, where there is the “90+” writing, honoring the many goals he scored in the extra time, like the fundamental one in the Champions League final against Atletico.

The Tiempo “Corazón y Sangre” (Heart and Blood), that’s the name Nike and Ramos picked, are actually more of a “familiar” boot than a club-dedicated one. The white color of the leather, for example, is inspired by Andalusian horses, Ramos’ homeland that he loves so much. The horseshoe, inserted in the new SR4 logo in the heel and innersole, is also an homage to those Spanish animals. The laces, where there are the names of Ramos’ sons Sergio Jr. and Marco, also have the Andalusian flag. “Familia” is written on the side of the shoe, while the “Rn’R” (Ramos and Pilar” writing is an obvious love declaration to Sergio’s wife. The name of the children is also reported in a golden lettering on both sides of the shoe, where there also are the words “hambre, carácter, pasión”, some sort of mantra for Sergio Ramos. The red color of the soleplate perfectly represents the concept of Corazón y Sangre.


There will be 4,000 pairs of the boot available December 19 on, the Pop-Up House of SR4 in Madrid and select retailers. Ramos will wear pair 0004 on the pitch this weekend.