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Guerrilla FC x Umbro: home kit 2018

The American

Guerrilla FC x Umbro: home kit 2018 The American

The American collective Guerrilla FC unveiled the new shirt of their football team for the upcoming season in collaboration with Umbro. Guerrilla’s devotion to aesthetic is encapsulated by the jersey’s untraditional camouflage, tri-colored leaves in tone-on-tone white, chrome, and holographic vinyl climb the shirt's front.

The whole design looks amazing: clean, elegant and futuristic all in one. The details are remarkable, for instance, the hashmarks on the left sleeve are an homage to Italian communist philosopher Antonio Gramsci, who spent years in prison and wrote about changing the world through culture.

The shirt's back is decorated with Cyrillic font (which reads phonetically as 'Guerrilla') as a tribute to the World Cup in Russia next year and may also serve as a wink to the contemporary political situation in the nation's capital. This is the first of several drops planned under the banner of the Umbro x Guerrilla FC collab.

You can purchase the shirt on Guerrilla online shop for 120$.