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The new Formula 1 logo

It's the end of a visual era in Formula 1

The new Formula 1 logo It's the end of a visual era in Formula 1

Formula 1 is changing its look for the first time in almost half of a century. After the Abu Dhabi Gran Prix - the last of this season - Formula 1 unveiled its new logo that will replace the historic one after 23 years.

F1 commercial chief Sean Bratches said that the decision to change the logo had come about because the old design was not useful for modern digital platforms nor merchandise. Liberty Media - the owner of Formula 1 brand since January 2016 - is trying to relaunch the Circus and to engage with a new and digital fan base. The new visual identity was created by Wieden+Kennedy London, led by Richard Turley. The logo echoes the shape of a Formula 1 car: flat, low to the ground, suggesting top speeds. Its modern-retro feel leans into the extreme and dynamic nature of the sport and is designed to work across a variety of platforms.

The old logo was one of the most iconic sports logos of all time - designed by Carter Wong agency - thanks to the optical illusion of the hidden "1". The design was quite old, and it reflects the golden era of Formula 1 when Micheal Schumacher and Ferrari were dominating the scene. The fans' reaction to the new logo has been quite cold for the moment: many users on Twitter and Reddit pointed out that the new logo is very similar to the ESPN's logo, designed by the same agency of the new logo.